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Wow, it has been a while since I used this [Feb. 19th, 2010|02:51 pm]
I thought I might startusing my god old Livejournal again. at least a entry a week i think. though im not sure who are still here.

Im not sure what to update about. there is a bit.

Im an bowling alley worker... though i spend most of the time wanting to bowl and tying shoes together. its pretty cool for a job though. hopefully start gettin a few shifts a week in a couple weeks. there is alot to learn. i pretty much have figure out what they have told me im just trying to learn the rest.

soooooo yeah. not much else going on but when something majoyly exciting jumps out ill be telling.

Im still trying to think of who to dress up as for supanova. it has to someone fun to play i guess :) but suggestions are totally open
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jeopardy [Feb. 18th, 2009|05:18 pm]
i havent really written anything so i thought i would

i remember when i was in high school there was a show on abc called jeopardy, about 8 scottish students and their teacher going to australia. i watched the first series very dedicately... second series i watched and went meh but they stopped it their.

a month or 2 ago they started the whole series from the start and they had a third series. i didnt know that. i think it was a third series because it was more then i had seen and it was very very cool... though it ended with time travel and that always makes my head dizzy. though what was cool was after the got abducted they got this disease that is they got scared their eye would go red and they would split in half. then one half would come back and it was completely immature and was meant to be the good part of humanity... haha i know dead. so they ran round playing games and dacking simon, that boy deserves it.

haha i love how harry and lucy, (my favourites ) are the only one to survive then at the end they went back and warned the past friends not to go to australia and their past selves come it, then lucy's eye goes red and thats it, thats how it ended... it was actually quite a good series

haha, then i saw the guy who played simon in a bbc miniseires of kidnapped. a book my dad read to us when we were kids but never finished. haha, i know how it ends now. thank you tv
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2008|07:26 pm]
first things first, i am NOT an emo, i just wanted black hair which i dyed about a week ago... however the top of my hair, which had the dye on it longest, said no and just stayed dark brown. it was weird.

i dont know if this is proff im not an emo but it is proof of something and i have a feeling it is bad. i vote on idol...... 8 times. 4 for me 4 for mum... all for wes. i never watched it really until he did abba and he made fernado a great song which is great because i hated that one.
then when he did michael jackson, oh the dancing. he deserves to win.

and you know what is sad, tafe has teachers strikes, like high school. i dont have to go to class till 11 tomorrow which sucks since i need to get so much finished by next week.

thirdly, im not really liking the new mad hater look, even if it is johnny. he reminds me of lestat in interview after he was pretty much killed crossed with marilyn manson.

alice looks actually brilliant. i love the design in her costume.

so here are the first photos if you wanna peak

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im magic! [Nov. 1st, 2008|10:00 am]
hurray.... you know what made my day on thursday, when skye called me magic. it was hilarious

we were complaining about angelina who does nothing at home and hardly anything in class, (haha, like me) hasnt handed in an assignment in on time and then wont sign a piece of paper that says she has been notified that she has done bugger all but understands its due at the end of the year :)

i had the same piece of paper shoved in front of my and i only took a second because i couldnt find a pen. it doesn bother anyone else in the class and she really deserves such an easy outcome but wont do sign it anyway.

but yeah, we were talking about her, then skye that i was magic.


'yeah, see i do heaps of work, do it all day in class, then when i get home and i barely see anything for it. then you, you do like nothing in class...'

'i do somethings, sometimes'

'well there are days when you really get into it, i look over at you and your really working hard, then i look at what you are doin and your drawing.'

'well, i like drawing'

'yeah, but i mean you do nothing in class and your at the same spot as me, plus you have your drawings too.... i swear, magic. your magic'

i thought thats was hilarious and had to tell everyone :)
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catch up of awesomeness... or not [Oct. 30th, 2008|09:15 am]
hmmmmmm. well lets see, what to say

i had my first exam in 4 years over a week ago and we got our marks back yesterday. out of the 17 in the class, only 2 actually successfully passed.... GO ME!!! I have pom poms after that day.
other news i got a new phone, it kept turning itself of the annoying bugger. so i went back todicky smiths and said look matt, not working!

since it was only 10 old i got a trad and then sent the other away to be fixed.... though thinking about it it may have had a bit to do with me, might not. dont care, evil at dick smiths anyway! not matt though, matt is awesome... ken is a bit of a twat... yes i know wat twat means and swore id never use it but the bugger deserves it!!!

so rude when i was working there that one of my customers had to walk away from the counter because she couldnt stand his rudeness... it made my day!

ive designed a business site and am coding it today, hopefully up on monday. send to alex make him hand it out:)

and ive started looking for a proper job next year, no more FREAKING study!!!
thats it:)
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HURRAY!!! [Oct. 22nd, 2008|10:36 pm]
10,000 PAGEVIEWS!!!! hmmmmmmm thats about it!
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since i havent posted in ages [Oct. 14th, 2008|11:13 pm]
im back to tafe tomorrow.... oh the humanity. :)

im over the course, love the people, i think i will keep in touch, but over over the course.

other news, done insane amounts of drawing over the holidays including figuring out a new style of colouring with is awesome. i now have 120 people watching me and 500 of 10,000. so in about 10/14 days i will have 5 figures.

i also have redesigned my online portfolio plus business site. im working on each for 2 hours each day so as to get them up an running as soon as i can and making mulah :)

i joined gym and brought pretty googles. though havent broken them in yet and intend on being fit by the end of yeah so i can learn parkour! heck yeah!
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random zero punctation quote... must watch it, hilarious. [Sep. 18th, 2008|01:46 pm]
'so if you are a child or possess the necessary brain damage to be equivielent to one then you will find lego indiana jones to be colourful and full of lots of lovely shiny object to keep your laughable small brain occupied.'
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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2008|07:50 am]
havent written in ages... and im sure everyone is missing me :)

um, whats new? no job, you knew that, lots of homework. a portfolio, an art finished vest and a whole book of 1/3 scale patterns due next week.... not done.

so without a job i spend all my free time workin on gettin paid for drawings... so far not so good. but i have a website almost up and i have commisions on my deviantart page.... which i now have over 100 people watching me. isnt that wicked.

so from now on im saving to go to england.

or canada. havent completely decided yet. so back to work.

love love
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temporarily unemployed [Aug. 31st, 2008|08:37 pm]
i think i should be more upset by this then i was.
rang up for my hours and gary (the boss) said i didnt have any hours this week or likely the week after. trying to share the hours for the over staffed place and i missed out i guess. i was trying very hard to hide my enthusiasm, but he heard something, though didnt take it as happiness. lol.

he got very worried i had no other money comin in (which i really dont but meh) and was apologising over and over again. i reassured him, hung up and jumped up and down for joy. two weeks of freedom to get my business goin completely. no interuptions but class.
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