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let me clarify what this means for those far too inept to understand.

All my entries are FRIENDS ONLY.

by FRIENDS ONLY, it means that ONLY my FRIENDS will ever be able to read them.

if anyone else sees any other entry it's because I want it to be seen.

If you think that by some magical force you are privledged to all the wonder and awe of what I write because there are a few entries with ranting and raving marked as public, you are sorely mistaken you poor pathetic fool.

you are NOT A FRIEND

and as this journal is FRIENDS ONLY

it's almost asinine to add it without being added back as a FRIEND

That's like ... licking a brick wall because there is an ice cream cone painted on the side.

You wall-licker.

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Alright Ladies and Gents. The following people have been deleted, in alphabetical order.


This is done for various reasons, and if you think i've made a mistake than feel free to tell me why. Comments are screened.