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Dear Steve

Why is it, ever since I upgraded to omg new exciting iTunes 8, does it insist that every time it opens, my AppleTV has FIVE HUNDRED FUCKING SONGS TO SYNC?

Is that what the fancy new GENIUS says? That I need to resync gigs of music I've already synced over?

Fucking fail. You guys have srsly blown it.

reponse from marta

(please note that I requested that LJ staff reply to my open letter by commenting to it. Apparently that is too open for them, and they prefer to operate with as little transparency as possible.)

--- marta wrote:
> Dear bizzy_,
> The Technical Support area is specifically for help with technical issues. There was substantial evidence that users filing these requests were already aware of the answer to their questions, and the requests were part of a coordinated campaign regarding issues not covered by Technical Support. Therefore these requests were closed without a response.
> Additionally, those who repeatedly abuse Support Services may be banned from using them. This policy is in place in order that Support Services may work in an effective manner.
> Marta

I replied:

Can you explain what evidence you have that my support request was part of a "coordinated campaign", or that I was already aware of the answer? If there is "substantial evidence" as you say, then providing it should not be a problem.

I'd appreciate you substantiating the many unfounded accusations you've managed to make against me in two short paragraphs, and if you cannot, I would appreciate an apology for the threat you made to ban me from support.

To be clear, I do not accept either your accusations or threats. I am sorry that this simple issue seems so hard for your organization to deal with, but I intend to persue it up the organizational change until it is addressed to my satisfaction.

An open letter to Livejournal management

Good morning.

I am writing this open letter today in an attempt to address what I feel has been entirely unprofessional behavior by the LJ support/abuse team. These actions reflect poorly on LJ as a whole and I'd like to give Livejournal a fair chance at addressing them in a responsible fashion.

On Saturday, May 31, I opened LJ support request 890231 concerning a problem I was having with my account. I received no updates on the request, and when I checked its status this morning, June 1, it was closed without comment.

Attempting to obtain clarification on what happened, I then opened LJ support request 890414 asking what the disposition of my previous request was. It was closed without comment within the hour.

Because of the assistance of other LJ users, I was able to observe a small portion of what happened behind the scenes with my request. From what I understand from this screencap, Carrie Stevens decided that my issue was a "fake request" and that I did not warrant any support for my issue. I cannot understand why Carrie would deem my request "fake" as it was apparently asked often enough that there was a support FAQ addressing the issue. (I do apologize for not consulting the FAQ first regarding my problem).

I can only surmise that because I was criticizing the newly-elected "community representative" of the LJ Advisory Board, I was being denied the support that all LJ users (especially paying customers) are entitled to.

This is disappointing and only goes to prove that the conflict of interest issues raised during the election were valid and real. How can LJ purport to adhere to a democratic standard and pretend that the user's interests are represented when any dissenters are denied service?

I hope that with your attention this issue can be addressed and resolved. I am confident that this sort of behavior is not tolerated by LJ or its support policies.

Thank you for your time,

"legomymalfoy is a cunt" is not linking from userinfo pages
LiveJournal Support Refuses Questions and Answers
LJ Support closes legitimate questions without answer because "IT MAKES FUN OF THEIR FRIEND"

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movie night

it was terrible. 2.5 hours long. there were at least 3 endings before the final petering out of the story.

i highly suspect that it was, at some point, three or four hour-long episode scripts jammed into a feature film screenplay when hbo didn't want to pick up another season.


Fucking Apple and their 10.5.3 update

First off, please digg this.


I made the mistake of installing it on my Macbook. It rendered wireless networking useless. My link (to a god damned Apple Time Capsule, for christs sake) bounces up and down every 5 to 10 seconds. I had no problems with wireless networking before I installed the updater, and Denise's Macbook (right next to me on the couch) which is not updated, has no problems seeing the same Airport.

I even tried installing the downloadable 10.5.3 Combo Updater, but it did not resolve the problem.


Update: I deleted my network from the 'preferred networks' list (which I tried before) and then went in and deleted the WPA key from my Keychain. This seems to have fixed it.

What a bucket of fail, Apple. :(

Capital One wants to kill the planet

Imagine my surprise when I got a package in the mail today from Capital One. Hmm, it couldn't be an EXCITING OFFER OF CREDIT since I opted out of pre-screened credit card offers.

Also, as you can see, it looked IMPORTANT and also felt like it had GOODIES in it, which surely included more than an offer for a shitty credit card!

I eagerly opened the envelope while imagining what sort of MAGIC PRESENT it contained!!!

WOW! FREE PLASTIC BUBBLE WRAP! What a great way to entice me to open the envelope! And killing two birds with one stone, A GREAT WAY TO KILL THE PLANET TOO!!

Thanks, Capital One! I can't think of a more perfect way to ensure that I will never, ever, even in some parallel universe where I have a goatee and am evil, ever do business with you!

The mouthbreather who came up with this idea should be fired. But I am sure that within your antediluvian earth-hating mole-warren of an organization, this sort of crap is OMG PROMOTION MATERIAL.