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Dear Apple iTunes people.

1. You made the laptop computer.
2. You made the OS running on the laptop computer.
3. You made the iTunes program running on the OS on the laptop computer.
4. You made the iPod.
5. You made the OS running on the iPod.
6. You even made the frigging dock cable plugging the iPod into the computer.

Thu Sep 10 22:51:05 ernie \[0x0-0x1d01d\].com.apple.iTunes[309] : Child process initialized.
Thu Sep 10 22:51:13 ernie AppleMobileBackup[326] : BackupAgent starting up...
Thu Sep 10 22:51:13 ernie \[0x0-0x1d01d\].com.apple.iTunes[309] : Child process initialized.
Thu Sep 10 22:51:13 ernie \[0x0-0x1d01d\].com.apple.iTunes[309] : 2009-09-10 22:51:13.395 AppleMobileBackup\[326:903\] BackupAgent starting up...
Thu Sep 10 23:00:15 ernie com.apple.launchd.peruser.502[131] (com.apple.AddressBook.abd) : The following job tried to hijack the service "com.apple.AddressBook.abd" from this job: \[0x0-0x20020\].com.apple.AddressBook.abd
Thu Sep 10 23:00:18 ernie PreferenceSyncClient[338] : Error: Can't get session for client com.apple.PreferenceSync, bailing
Thu Sep 10 23:00:36 ernie SyncServer[342] : \[110ed0\] |SyncManager|Warning| removing client com.apple.Mail.Notes from plan because I couldn't send it a sync alert
Thu Sep 10 23:05:17 ernie \[0x0-0x1d01d\].com.apple.iTunes[309] : Child process initialized.

How the fuck could you ever pretend this crap is appropriate to ship to your paying customers? This shit is fucking ridiculous.


PS: I don't think that object instance has a string repr method or whatever you call it in your crazy Objective C.

Speakeasy vs. Sonic DSL

So I recently made a change from Speakeasy over to Sonic.net. It was a little sad for me, since Speakeasy overall had been very good to me for the last four years. Their network performed well, and their customer service was friendly, helpful, and generally very clueful.

The problem was that over the last 4 years, technology has made its inexorable march forward. Sonic is now offering ADSL2+ (plus!) where Speakeasy, the last time I checked, had no plans to offer it. The difference between my Speakeasy ADSL and Sonic's ADSL2+ was all about speed:

Speakeasy: 3mbps down, 768k up, three static IP addresses: $95.30/mo

Sonic: 10mbps down, 1mbps up, 8 static IP addresses: $90/mo

The observant may note that I am not getting the full 10mbps from Sonic. That's because I am about 9500 feet from my CO. I am surprised that I'm managing to get 6.7mbps, to be honest. They do have a 6/1 service tier for $70/mo, but I am far too greedy to leave 700kbps on the table. (edit: now that I think about it, a 30 percent premium for a 10 percent speed increase is sort of a bummer. Will have to think about that.)

Sucks to say goodbye to Speakeasy, but I did try to call and ask if they could offer a more competitive price before ordering Sonic- they had me on hold for 30 minutes before I gave up.

Dear Steve

Why is it, ever since I upgraded to omg new exciting iTunes 8, does it insist that every time it opens, my AppleTV has FIVE HUNDRED FUCKING SONGS TO SYNC?

Is that what the fancy new GENIUS says? That I need to resync gigs of music I've already synced over?

Fucking fail. You guys have srsly blown it.

Fucking Apple and their 10.5.3 update

First off, please digg this.


I made the mistake of installing it on my Macbook. It rendered wireless networking useless. My link (to a god damned Apple Time Capsule, for christs sake) bounces up and down every 5 to 10 seconds. I had no problems with wireless networking before I installed the updater, and Denise's Macbook (right next to me on the couch) which is not updated, has no problems seeing the same Airport.

I even tried installing the downloadable 10.5.3 Combo Updater, but it did not resolve the problem.


Update: I deleted my network from the 'preferred networks' list (which I tried before) and then went in and deleted the WPA key from my Keychain. This seems to have fixed it.

What a bucket of fail, Apple. :(

Our overlords the superdelagates

I know this has nothing to do with the much more important and critical lj advisory board elections, but there is another, much less crucial election coming up and there is a big chance that once again the popular vote will be ignored in favor of sleazy politics.


Pledge and let the superdelegates know that we're holding them accountable for their actions.

Time Capsule, part 3

A quick update since I am thinking about it right now on the Time Capsule.

It's still working like a dream with my MacOS 10.5 machines. And I am comfortable enough with 10.5 that I'll soon be upgrading my straggler 10.4 mac in the edit suite. I have my fingers crossed that Final Cut Studio and my CS2 Photoshop and After Effects will cope.

I sidestepped the wierd rsync/cifs bug that was causing my Fedora Core 5 box's backups to fail by using Gnu tar instead. There are advantages and costs to using either- rsync to cifs wasn't preserving file ownerships and modes, but the backups were easier to access for restores than lumps of tarfile (I back up in chunks, seperate tar archives for things like /etc, /usr/local, individual home directories, etc). So that's finally off my to-do list, and my home server is now backed up. I'd like to use Gnu tar's incremental 'snapshots' when I get a chance, but it seems to cross the line of where complexity will likely cause me to poke myself in the eye.

I also have my AppleTV mounting a share off the Time Capsule. The AppleTV has the hack that allows me to load additional kernel modules from 10.4.9, so I have it mounted via appleshare, which seemed more logical than smbfs, which the AppleTV also does. Combined with the ATVFiles appliance and my Perian/Flip4Mac install, I can plonk pretty much any video file I want on the Time Capsule share and watch it on the AppleTV. Apple should officially support this integration, but whatevers.

Alpha geek out.