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Time Capsule update

So I realized this morning that the thing I hate more than anything when I'm researching a problem online is a blog post from some douche with the same problem, who's obviously made progress but not bothered to post an update about it. So here is an actual update on my first Apple Time Capsule impressions.

I posted originally about wireless connection drops. At the time, my wife and I were both still running 10.4.11 on our Macbooks. Since then, I've upgraded them both to 10.5.2, and since the upgrade, wireless connectivity has been flawless. No wierd drops at all. I hope Apple backports the driver fixes to 10.4!

Since we've upgraded to 10.5.2, we're both running Time Machine. It has been perfect. Until now I would have refused to believe that backups could be so simple to configure, schedule and run. I did the initial backup over wireless after reading on the Apple support forums that some folks had problems doing the initial over wired and subsequent runs over wireless. There seems to be some wierdness with Time Capsule named disk user accounts and when the Time Machine disk image names get MAC addresses appended to their filenames, but I'm probably talking out my ass here. The upshot is that Time Machine is working great with the Time Capsule.

The other issue I had with the Time Capsule was a wierd failure rsyncing backups from my Fedora Core 5 Linux machine over a cifs mount. The rsync would stall, operations on the cifs mount would fail with 'host down' errors; and the Time Capsule would hang trying to reboot via Airport Utility. I just installed the newly-available Time Capsule 7.3.1 firmware this morning, and it looks like the problem still exists.

There's been progress though- with 7.3, interrupting an rsync would stick the Time Capsule into a state where it stopped servicing cifs, and a rebooot from Airport Utility would hang, requiring a hard power cycle. This morning I verified that the reboot hang is fixed. Now if I can just figure out how to reboot it again from the office..



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