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[13.11.04   5:56p]
[ mood | LIFE IS GRAND ]

i guess forever wasn't as long as i thought it would be.

and basically, i'm dumb for believing anything different. i'm not destined for great things, i'm destined for whatever penance and failure i assign myself to. i'll just have to get used to being permanently dissatisfied.


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[11.11.04   10:09a]

i hate you for being an asshole

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[4.11.04   4:05p]
[ mood | decent ]


new journal=


add me there promptly, or i will revoke my offer to be your lj friend.


<3 adryannnnnnnnn

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[3.11.04   6:20p]
[ mood | okay ]

so basically i screwed everything up, but hey, i am trying to be better.

we are moving into the new house this weekend, and i don't think mom is going to let me have the internet in my room anymore, so i doubt i will update that often. not that any of you care, i know. thought i'd inform you anyhow. our stupid goddamn self portraits are due in drawing tomorrow, and i am not even half-way done. oh well. i will just half-ass my way through it, like i do everything.


in other stimulating news...Collapse )

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[2.11.04   4:01p]
[ mood | weird ]

i originally updated with an annoying rant about my own state of discontentment, but i decided a survey might be better.Collapse )


[1.11.04   5:57p]
[ mood | oh shit. ]

being unsuccessful and unmotivated is what i do best.

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[31.10.04   10:41p]
[ mood | shitty ]

 <---- that is what i was for halloween, don't ask me WHAT it was, it just...was. this weekend was weird and there really isn't any other way to explain it other than to say that i am the biggest asshole/idiot/piece of crap ever.

i think it's probably safe to say that i could not possibly hate myself anymore. and i don't want to go back to school tomorrow. JESUS CHRIST I FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING

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[28.10.04   4:44p]
[ mood | good. ]

today was kind of cool. me & mom went to long's consignment world and looked at some old furniture for my new room, when we move next week. i can already tell she is going to be an ass about it, though. LIKE OMG MOM JUST LET ME GET WHAT I WANT, FOR ONCE. anyways, i did get a cool fisherman/old man bust for my roooom.


voipCollapse )

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[27.10.04   7:53p]
[ mood | stupid ]


jesus. i am bored and this is going to be a long fall break. aside from seeing BFFs anyways.

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[26.10.04   8:00p]
[ mood | weird ]

Making Carly a c.d. was probably the highlight of my day. Which is sad, considering she probably won't even listen to/appreciate it.

I wish someone would be mean to me so I can be like: WTF. TIME FOR KICKING YOUR FACE IN, BITCH.

I'm tired of being in this stupid town.


there is really no point in these pictures.Collapse )

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[25.10.04   6:50p]
[ mood | better than 2 hours ago ]

I don't know. I am just going to try and get over whatever has been bothering me lately.

Today on the bus, some kid was touching this boy's shoulder and the boy was like "here's a list of why touching my body parts is bad" "a. it's gay b. it's what rapists do and c. it's GAY". I don't know, but for some reason it made me laugh a lot and then they started staring at me again...

I wish I could stop being obnoxious and not funny.


pictures & my crappy self portrait from drawing class that i made in 30 minutes.Collapse )

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[23.10.04   3:09p]
i wish i could stop caring about people

because it's usually never reciprocated.

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