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As If! [24 Nov 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]

After four months of dreading the moment that my parents meet Jim, and hate him, they final meet him and appear to love him more than I do! Even my brother, it's quite scary.

Anyhoo, was just browsing LJs and realised I haven't updated in a million years. Just got a program which enables me to download albums and dvds and suchlike. It's great! =) I'm never gonna shop again! woo and yay!


...name: Rebecca
...nickname: Bexx
...audio-cassette purchased: Take That
...compact-disk (a.k.a. CD) purchased: Spice Girls
...job: wedding dress shop
...time on TV: match of the day a few years ago haha and have made a few appearances on chelsea tv being 'interviewed'
...time in the newspaper: guardian baby comp most probs!
...screen name: ha! who knows, probably Five's Biggest Fan! or something equally gay.
...pet: dog scamp, bless hi little cotton... socks?
...piercing/tattoo:my ears aged 3 months!
...enemy: the teachers that tought me..... etc!
...big trip: spain?!
...musician you remember hearing in your house: Kylie n George Michael!
...house you lived in: Here!
...time drunk: when i was about 12...

...car ride: sunday mornin
...good cry: yesterday
...magazine you read: cosmopolitin cant spell!
...library book checked out: a spanish one!
...movie seen: BJD:EOR
...TV show watched: Friends
...cuss word said: shit
...card game played: fuck knows!
...words spoken: *cough cough*
...kiss: Jim
...hug: "
...sleep: Last Night
...food consumed: I tried to consume some at lunch but was unsuccesful!
...phone call received: Jim
...phone call made: Jim (he got lost!)
...Cigarette: ages ago, very rarely smoke, tis disgusting.
...time drunk: quite some time ago!
...time showered: tonight
...shoes worn: trainers
...shirt worn: *shrugs*
...pants worn: black
...CD played: Bon Jovi
...CD bought: Not a clue!
...item bought: polos!
...annoyance: this cough/random illness
...amusement: my mum insulting jim
...disappointment: *shrugs* no rock night this fri!
...carbonated beverage drank: dont know!
...thing written on paper: Bon Jovi tracklisting.
...key used: front door key

Bexx ;; (i'd live and i'd die for you, steal the sun from the sky for u) says:
hey hey got a new program which allows me to download dvds and albums!
| >> Tanya | = sheaves of corn have been successfully fitted with legs. says:
nice one!

...ice cream eaten: Aww! Hagan Daaz, strawberry cheesecake, jim brought it round for my sore throat bless him :)
...person spoke to before sleep: mum?!

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Randomness! [31 Oct 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Did some random surveys to pass the time!

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wooo! [30 Oct 2004|11:44am]
[ mood | Proud ]

Look I did pretty things to my LJ! :) :) :)

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I Wake Up Screaming [30 Oct 2004|10:32am]
[ mood | dead! :) ]

[Link: Three Days Grace ]

...It's All Because Of You

Last night was soo good - Three Days Grace rocked, and I was suprised at how much I enjoyed Hoobastank's set too! :) We got to Manchester at about 6.30, and managed to find the Academy.. taking a detour through a sleeping hole!

There were a few amusing quotes can't remember any!
- "Feet? Oooh, I have some of them!"
- "This is a hill? This wasn't a hill when we walked down it."
- "Why can't she go to the loo on the toilet?"
- "Oh My God - Some girls are getting changed right in front of me" lol!
- "Sex therapy... is that where you make people feel better by shagging them?"
- "No, it's where you tell people how to have good sex"
- "He-llo-o"
- "Is this my crotch or my leg?"
- "Stay away from the edge of the platform - the yellow line will protect you from air turbulence of passing trains"

Yeah, can't remember them - Sofie/Izzy you need to comment with them :)

I'm all achey today, and my neck doesn't work! Got Jacqui's party tonight though, gonna be fun fun fun! :) Mikki hasn't got her costume yet - typical!!

I Think There's Something Out There, I Think I Heard It Move

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No One Knows. [26 Oct 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | moody ]

The name of my old LJ annoyed me, so I've got a new one. Heh.

It's half term and I'm bored already! I've got quite a bit of work to do though, so might start that today! Went round to my Nana's yesterday - not been there for ages - my lil cousin was there and I learnt how to do French plaits! Woo and yay for Bexx! Came back into Lancaster at about 5 and met Jim, then went to his house and watched Ace Ventura! We're gonna watch the second one tomorrow - not goin tonight because he says I've got to spend more time with my friends. Lol.. Didn't know if that was a hint at something else or not, said I'd go round to Grandad's anyway, so nevermind. Can I Ass You A Few Questions? Lol... Also amused him by being a tiger with sharp eyes.. I didn't see why it was so funny but nevermind!!! And Tigers doooo graze. Yes. They do - Grrr!

I'm updating from a bizarre little window thing that I downloaded.. Yis... tis a curious thing, and I'm not convinced it's gonna work, so if it doesn't... I may shoot it. And cry. But then I'll get over it. Meant to be going to London in a couple of weeks, for a meal with VS - but really don't think I can be arsed, will cost a bomb anyway. Argh. Was just looking a train prices and they've gone up since last time I looked - it's harsh! I'm a student, I have no money. I need to sort out this provisional licence thing, then I can make a start on learning to drive... So much effort - I don't mind walking everywhere, and it's not as if I can afford a car anyway. Megh.

Hoobastank on Friday, paid Sofe for the tickets the other day. I feel well harsh - so many people who said they'd go have changed their minds - including Jim, although I didn't think he'd end up goin in the first place so dunno why I asked him - so she's stuck with the tickets unless she can shift them on E-Bay. Think she's sold two to some of John's mates though. Not sure. Bless her. Gonna meet her in Lancaster tomorrow, she's getting a random tattoo.

I actually thought of something constructive to write, but have forgotton now, so I'm gonna go and sort myself out.

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:) [26 Oct 2004|01:28pm]
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