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bexmyescape_'s Journal

Sing Like You Think No One's Listening ♥
6 June
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i don't blame you
for being you
but you can't blame me
for hating it
acting, acting like a dork, adam brody, adam levine, adamo ruggerio, aerosmith, afi, alex steele, alexisonfire, all american rejects, andrea lewis, as i lay dying, atreyu, aubrey graham, avenged sevenfold, big name button, black and white movies, black eyeliner, bleeding through, blindside, blink 182, blondie, born for eternity, boy meets world, boys, brand new, bubble gum, burt's bees, california, candles, casey's rides, cassie steele, chocolate, christina schmidt, daniel clark, dashboard confessional, dead poetic, deanna casaluce, death cab for cutie, degrassi, dillinger escape plan, dr. pepper, earth crisis, every time i die, finch, flogging molly, fm static, four letter lie, friends, fritos, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, funyons, green day, harry potter, hatebreed, hawthorne heights, hey mercedes, irvan, jake epstein, jake goldsbie, junk food, killswitch engage, melissa mcintyre, mike lobel, miriam mcdonald, music, my chemical romance, napolean dynamite, neutral milk hotel, nirvana, nofx, norma jean, planes mistaken for stars, polaris, reeses, relient k, remembering never, rilo kiley, rise against, robot, rock music, roleplaying, ron/hermione, rupert grint, ryan cooley, sarah barrable-tishauer, saves the day, school of rock, sean/ellie, shakespeare, shane kippel, shenae grimes, shopping, silverchair, silverstein, singing, singing in the shower, sleater kinney, smiling, snuggling, sonic youth, sophia bush, sprite, st. jimmy, stacey farber, sublime, subtitles, sum 41, taco bell, taking back sunday, the apples in stereo, the channels, the dismemberment plan, the early november, the get up kids, the killers, the long winters, the lot six, the notebook, the pixies, the ramones, the sex pistols, the smiths, the softies, the thermals, the used, the-n, thrice, thursday, travis morrison, underoath, unearth, wearing sunglasses, when all else fails,