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bennu_'s Journal

I am a bit of an oddball and I love to laugh and put twists on words, situations, ideas, etc. I love exploring possibilities of how things could be and why things are as they are.

I love to travel, and I plan to see as much of the world as possible before I die. I've only been to Thailand and Mexico so far. Travel is my biggest passion.

I have a great interest in the culinary world and would love to learn to cook like a chef, but don't want to be one professionally (you bust your ass very hard for too little money). I love to explore different foods and also love a good beer.

I like to explore politics, history, religion, science, and other things that show me how things came to be as they are, and why they are that way. I'm very interested in finding ways to make them better for everyone.

I have a very strong aversion to religion. It's okay if people believe in something without evidence, if that's what they choose to fill their minds with. However, their beliefs have no place in education, policy, and other aspects of public life. Such beliefs should be personal. We should base education and policy on common sense, evidence, and lessons from history, not myths.

I'm politically non-partisan. I see partisanship as just another form of bigotry and another way to divide people rather than get them together to create solutions to the problem we face. Pundits and the media are cancerous to rational thought and effective solutions. This goes for all sides.

I am attracted to all that is unusual, weird, odd, eccentric, and otherwise quite interesting. I like to take my imagination as far as I can, and explore beyond cultural limitations, taboos, and any restrictions. This gives me a certain "moral flexibility", however there is one rule I seek to live by: Never harm the person or property of a non-consenting other. I feel that as long as this rule is followed, people should be able to do as they please.

I am a bit shy when you first meet me, but once we know each other and I can sense that you're not easily offended, then you'll find that I am quite outgoing, silly, friendly, and accepting. I tend to attract friends that are also somehow eccentric. I love the freaks and weirdos of the world.