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i haven't wrote in a while. but i've been thinking about it. and what to write.

here it is
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haven't updated in a while.

i passed 10th grade.
summers good so far.
went camping, OC & NY.
my dreads are a mess -- 3 months today!! i have good hair days and bad hair days. so many loops and loose hairs. but they're tightening up nicely. plus i'm pretty clean for a dread head. mmm salt water will make them happy.

um i think my brother hates me. he doesn't drive me anywhere anymore and he's just mean.

i moved into his room. it's small and when i got home from camping i made sure there was nothing of his anymore in my room. execpt for a 50cent poster and a picture of him and kelly gouda. and "daniel" wrote in sharpie marker on the wall. n the kill bill volume 1 poster will stay.

i'm probably the worst livejournaler.*

i need my permit. i need a job.

oh and when kellie gouda came camping it was the best day ever. if only young gouda would call me once in a while. love you<33333

love step gramss, they're the best.

smoke pot till the day you die.
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my mom said the reason she's so over protective is cause she's worried about drugs, std's and pregnancy.

i'm really pissed off that she said that. i'm the only freaking virgin out of all the people i hang out with basically. and she's doing her best to prevent me from getting an std / getting pregnant. i'm paying for her lack of knowledge. she has no common sense to begin with. if i was retarded and in a wheel chair i think she'd still be horrified that i'll become a sllutty retarded drug addict.

wow ian told me ninja was chinese and i believed him and i found out today he wasn't.

i am 16.

it's my birthday!!!!

my dreadies are comeing along well<3

and um i lost my cellphone cause i was pretty stoned and went canoeing (by myself) and uhh.. tipped over and dropped my cellphone. but yeah it was the scariest thing ever i thought i was going to die. i was screaming for help. i am dumb.

today i'm going to cones with my gangsters and we're tie dieing!!

i'm going to go watch dazed and confuzed.


shorty you don't know.

so i definitly hung out with a bunch of blakc guys last night and one of them definitly had a grill. and i so got a picture of me holding a bottle of colt 45 with the black guy with the grill. i forget his name.

"omg do you have a grill?!?!"
"where did you get that?? did you.. rob the jewelery store and tell them 'make me a grill!'"

"you girls ready to get it popin tonight?"
"excuse me, what does popping mean??"
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so was somebody planning on telling me that rex dropped out of school?

it's been 10 months since i'v seen him. at the liquor star in KG, blazed as fuk, the start of me and cones summer of daily toke.


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today was bad. and for the next 3 days i have to go to school for 10 hours.

i'm getting my hair done this weekend. hehe ;)

for my birthday, me and my mom are going to each get a tatoo. i'm excited.

my new bus driver makes us wear seat belts. and he shut the door on one of the girls on my bus and wouldnt let go and brused her leg. creep?

i don't know how to update anymore.
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i graduated from princeton house today!! tonights meeting was actually really convincing and i actually may want to go to a N/A meeting someday soon. just to keep my mind set to "i don't need weed" because of how powerful meetings really are. i know i'm freaking gay and all but it's true. it's works if you work it!

6 days clean and counting!


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so i love cara sragow.

i went to the nurses office to sleep a lot today.

and i lost my glasses in school today!! i must have lost my glasses in cherokee no more than a year ago. wow i'm dumb.

2 more days of princeton house! (good and bad)

seriously, i blame the negetive parts of my life on my mom. and i don't find that rediculous. i find it completely logical.

i have to take a HUGE crap right now.


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i'll take that as a yes please. k fine.

hi my name is anna and i'm an addict and my mom bought 10 home drug tests off the internet.

i love how i say it's ok to take one hit because i clear out really fast on acount i have a drug test in 3 days and then i find myself trying to beat nicky and jul's hit out of roor hit after hit, after hit.

i believe in cranberry juice. it's the only thing i can rely on. someone should buy me a flask so i can carry my cranberry juice in style.

maybe i'm supposed to be a loner.

i just want a cat named evies!! is that so much to ask for?!?!