let's destroy each other cause we're too cool for love lines, soft kisses over cheap wine. smoke me baby like your last cigarette whisper to me, say "you'll never forget" could you break my heart a little more? shove my body up against yours and kiss me like you mean it? anything worth a taste burns as it goes down. could you tell me I’m so Audrey highborn when my hair falls to the side? and say "girl, I’m not here to love you tender, i'm just here for the ride" let's blind ourselves by love and be deaf to all who say it's fatal. it's not that we don't know,
its just that we don't care..

my turn


looks like it's my turn now.

so i'm suppose to write what i've always wanted to say about someone, without saying who it is about. No one can get upset or happy because you can only ASSUME it is about you. anyways...here we go...

I don't know what i would be doing without you. It's funny how you can go from hating a person, to not being able to live without them. Without you there is so much that i wouldn't have been able to do. You helped me when i was at my worst, and you've helped me when i was at my best. You are the most incedible person i have ever met. I love you so much. I can't even explain how important you are too me. I love how we do absolutly nothing and have the most amazing time ever. I love my wifey. you ARE my life.

You are a wonderful person but sometimes i can't handle you. I really hope you grow up soon.

I want to write really mean things about you, but i can't. I just wish that for once you'd listen to what other people have to say. You'll never know how hard i try, and if you do you'll never care. Stop putting your self before everyone else...you are far from being special.


you're an alright person and all but you're really creepy. take a hint. whatever happened in the past, is in the past.

I never expected that i would actually miss you, but i do. Yet at the same time, i hate your guts. It's a weird feeling. We had alot of fun but at the same time you put me through so much shit. You leaving was probably for the best, for all of us. I'm glad you got your life together and i hope that everything works out.

You're a wicked person to party with. We always have an awesome time, and you always make me feel welcomed.

you really get on my nerves. I'm pretty sure i'll be seeing you on a downtown street corner in no time.

I know that i can count on you for anything and that means so much too me. You've been there for me when no one else was and i know that you always will be. Thank you for being such a huge part of my life if you know it or not. I don't tell you how important you are too me, because that's not how are relationship is, but sometimes i wish i could.

thanks for being an awesome friend. you were someone that i always knew i could trust and you were also the reason i got rid of a really shitty person in my life. even though that was a long time ago, it always will mean alot too me. Thank you for helping me realize i was better off without him.

I always thought you were a cool person, until you started making me feel like shit. Not everything is as negative as you may think it is, and not everyone is a shitty person. Cut your hair, and bathe.

i think you're inlove with me, seriously.

whatever dude

I wish someone still loved me.

Blow the last candle out. let the was harden
I wish I could stop crying. I wish someone still loved me
Just breathe and focus. how can I when the air is so cold and empty
That my lungs froze right in my chest
I'll be honest the silver linings are getting harder and harder to manufacture
and the smiles are so difficult to fake
What do I have to do, or who do I have to kill, to get what I want. what I need
Happiness is an emotion I was born to this world without,
nothing pleases me. I cannot be satiated
Thru this toil I will breed my own distress and destroy my best hopes,
fuck up the only things I love.

I watched my aspirations crash to the ground on the backs of the angels that I've slain.
But I meant so well, I tried to hard, gave every ounce of my soul, to what end.
Desolation, desire, exhale, pass away.
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