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i am the unfortunate tourist, stranded at the edge of your bed. shipwrecked. journeyed from the depths of our drinks to the small curves of your legs and yet in your absence… i feel good now that you're gone. i am the constant exit, the constant ex, the next former friend to attend your revenge. and you said “you're just like them. born to love and then disappear.” and i said “…people like that are the only people here.”

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a quick scan of last year's update suggests that i was sad bear at that time. THINGS CHANGE. epic lulz @ me thinking 2006 was dramatic. oh 2007 really showed me what "highs and lows" really means. however, 2000 AND GREAT is completely ruling.

quick update on da basix -

miss carson now lives with miss feery in the coolest flat ever. it is totally awesome and i never want to live with anyone else because it just won't be as good. i have had countless adventures since august '07 thanks to my current living arrangements.


i made a bunch of awesome new pals and i got the words "play it loud, fuckers" tattooed on me.

i made a hugely life-changing decision (roughly around the same time as nick made his as we are basically the same person except with different vital statistics) and this will result in me disappearing from your lifes for around 4 years from september onwards. leaving party ahoy.

PICTURE TIME! expect loads.


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i haven't updated livejournal in a million years.

SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH has happened. a quick check confirms that pretty much the last update i made was this time last year. the rest of 2006 was filled with the most extreme highs and lows of my life and for real, i learned from them. 2007 has taught me that i really, really don't need any drama.

i'm going to make all of this much more interesting by just posting pickchazz.

no chronological order, i can't be bothered y'all.


still to come in 2007 - tons of roadtrips, maybe going on tour, norwegian holiday?, another bro tattoo, and a resolution to be content (not complacent). xx
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some things are awesome and some things are not so awesome

but anyway. it's cool. because since april, i've been to london, i've been to dundee, i've been to leeds, and i have had a fucking good time.

i went to my old manager from gap's leaving night. i proceeded to get extremely intoxicated with my former colleagues and accidently kissed one of them because i am a brazen hussy.


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blahhhh blah blah

attn everyone : ignore me.

what the FUCK was i even thinking?
ja so anyway i've taken some steps back but in a good way
i'm trying to be mature. i haven't a clue how.

lately i've been enjoying being boisterous, shirtless dinner parties, free nights out, heckling strangers, daydreaming about wages, lesbian/latin related in jokes, and oh everything in between.

check dis - sinking ships and shook ones are touring europe from september 14th.
i literally can't wait. it can tie in with my general birthday celebrations.
by birthday celebrations i mean i will be receiving both presents and noise complaints.

nick ramsay tried to take an arty poloroid of me outside my house but failed miserably seeing as i was wearing a shattered realm shirt.

rumours about me get progressively more hilarious.

hi, i'm rachael carson. i don't care about your scene politics or your love life. i especially don't care about your new era cap or your massive ego. kindly stop making up totally ludicrous stories about me.

i mean really.
if you're going to spread rumours, make them good ones. it's only polite.
you could at least have said i've slept with x infinity people or that i, i don't know, something that isn't a COMPLETELY INSANE LIE.


if someone posts a picture of winona ryder in response to this i will honest to christ cry with happiness.

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i've actually updated this thing more in the last couple weeks than i have in years.

this is what i'm being paid £11K per year to do.

what an absolute top fucking notch weekend.
on friday i went to seventh star and taking names.
taking names 'smashed it'.
then we went to bar bloc and then abc.
but trusty abc let me down so me and paul went to mine and watched billy madison. it was nice. even if he did wake me up two bloody hours after i fell asleep.
then saturday i spent the afternoon asleep, woke up at sevenish and then my boiz came round and we got drunk enough for me to shout at some girl to let her know that she had a fat arse.
then we hit abc again and it was actually stunning.
then i had a sleepover with the lads and had the best early morning patter of my life.
dom is a hero. an actual mongo, but a heroic one.

"here, it's nearly summer, why don't you just start fucking migrating?"

livejournal updates without pictures are boring, i understand this, but i can't exactly bring my usb cable into work now, can i?

i miss claire.
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mind when everyone updated these every day?

i literally cannot believe that it's april already. i seriously don't even believe in time anymore.

past couple of weeks i spent getting rowdy as fuck with my girlzz and occasionally da boizz too.
i've changed my mind about cliche burds nights in but that could just be because on our nights in we drink champagne, watch porn clare brings from america titled 'my ass is haunted' and talk the cock constantly.
i had dave and gill to sleepover on the thursday after the ampere show and my neighbour informed me on the monday evening that she could 'hear three people in the bedroom; you all kept saying cunt'.
on friday i diiiid i don't remember, on saturday i went to abc and gave the dj the v's because he wouldn't play my humps.
sunday me and soutar cleaned in the most homoerotic way possible. it involved partial nudity and the kelly clarkson album played at top fucking volume.
monday i got claire and gill round for a quiet night in that turned into bottle of rose each and phoning paul for four hours, completely oot the gemme. i apparently talked utter nonsense at him about, amongst other things; 'abi titmuss, your neighbours, matching shoes, righteous jams, saved by the bell and beat 106'. he has recorded some of this conversation and it is just me going 'PAUL TAKE ME OFF LOUDSPEAKER'. 'you're not on loudspeaker' 'I BLOODY AM, I CAN TELL, BLAH BLAH' more i'm a disgrace talk. gill made innapropriate comments regarding my father and i'm fairly sure he thinks we're all fucking nuts.
saturday lauren came round and i made her tea. then we sat about watching amelie.
tonight i'm not sure what i'm doing yet then tomorrow i'm going to see cdc and then friday i'm seeing seventh star and hopefully something in between these as well.


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i'm at work and bored etc, there are firewalls which will not allow me on myspace so IYAZZ ELJAY.
lately i've been growing up.
i have a flat in da G1.
i got a proper job.
i am a secretary at christie & co.
we are a chartered surveyors which basically means we value properties - but not houses. we sell businesses and the property to go with them.
there are only 2 other girls in the entire office, my fellow secretaries of course.
i have fashionable businessmen with TRENDY HAIRCUTS and PINK SHIRTS.
the director of the company made me a cup of coffee though.


i've something thats giving me secret smiles and butterflies.

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been a while
ive completely lost the ability to make coherent updates because, quite frankly, i cant be bothered in the slightest.
it seems like so much more time than two months has passed
and its good, but its scary as well
livejournal cliche number 65850156 - the picture update.

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theres been trips to perth and dundee and aberdeen
and ive realised theres more important things to worry about then silly little girls.

all uphill.
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