Omnidirectional Olive

more fey for your buck

Raised in the Midwest near the Mississippi by a nurse and a used car dealer. All of my friends are my heroes. Glamorous Acting Out Against all Normativities.

My sleeping dreams are the best thing I write here.
ability dis, alleys, arthur russell, ass, bitter, break-beats, chaos, cilantro, divas, explosions, harm reduction, health, horizontal evolution, how-long-for-kisses-to-turn-sexual-research., human behavior, hustlers, mad hearts, mysanthropy, neighborhood histories, nonheirarchical models, packing a wallop, pansexuality, panzas, polysexuality, pranks, prostitutes, queer, queer politics, rats, roma brass, self and peer efficacy, self determination, shoes, sickness, suspended crushes, tenaciousness, transexuality, urban wilderness, vietnamese sandwiches, web radio, white race traitors, yagi antennas