Tags: work: eowww 12kcal challenge


fade to FAIL


everyone quit. sam didn't make it past his first 1/2 lb of pasta. scott managed to down 1/2 lb. i don't think adam even got to his. mind you, this was the pasta for *lunch*, they still had to down a few ham sandwiches and THEN do yet another lb of pasta for dinner.

so everyone gave up. sam said he'd probably be able to do more if he was able to work out while doing this instead of sittingat his desk. makes sense.

estimated totals: sam, i think, managed to hit about 5500. scott and adam were at about 4300.

sam is hitting the gym immediately after work. heh.

such a disappointing ending.

this is batty, EOWWW, reporting.


By proxy of the comittee,

" In this time of technological advances, we must pose ethical questions about substances that can alter the way the eating games are played. As such, the sanctioning body of the official Eating Olympics World Wide (A PSC corporation) has declared that M&M intake does _NOT_ count as calorie intake towards the 12,000 KCal goal of the day. As such any intake of substances prior to or after the ruling will be stricken from the records."

A EOWW Communication.. Eat safe.