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the earth lies.

Unseasonably warm weather is horribly deceptive. Here we have warmth, and sun, and blue sky, and people running around in shorts and out doing stuff on their bikes again – and it makes your body shift back to summer. Your head thinks it’s summer. Then you look around at the tomato plants that have long since crapped out expecting to see new blooms, or the zinnias that now look like they’ve been set on fire for any new growth. Brain goes, “Oh hey! It’s summer. Grow!” and, of course, that won’t happen, because the tilt of the earth’s axis is now in such a way that is depriving northern hemispheric plant life of crucially needed sunlight. Despite the mental rejuvenation of that summerlike day, EVERYTHING ELSE AROUND YOU IS SLOWLY DYING.


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st. patrick’s day.

we're trying to corner the market on st. patrick's day decorations. it will get much worse next year.

10 briskets.

15 lbs. of potatoes.

6 lbs of carrots.

5 heads of cabbage.

5 lbs of onions.

that pretty much sums it up. thank you to my dear friends and family for coming over and eating all of this.

and keeping me away from the potatoes.

bonus pic: cray has taken a liking to lady’s dog bed and doesn’t really care if lady is on it or not:

meanwhile, lady is silently praying that the scary pink and gray thing doesn’t eat her. she’s a wuss.

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what i ate today. er, yesterday.

A can of tuna, some snow peas, and an apple.

And right now you might be thinking, “what the shit is this? Da hell is Batty doing posting something so mediocre?”

And I will say “because my dang kid made it.”

Sunday night, Boog made some smarmy comment about dinner, and I said something to the effect of WELL WHY DONT YOU MAKE DINNER THEN. And he said I CANT BECAUSE I CANT USE THE STOVE  and I am all WELL YOU DONT NEED THE STOVE and a plan was born.

Yes, we talk to each other in capslock.

After school yesterday, Boog and I hit the grocery store and he picked out the food we were going to eat for dinner. He made the complete meal for us, including zapping the veggies, setting the table, and served drinks.

The menu included Tuna In The Can. This one of his favorite things to eat. It HAS to be in the can. Snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, apples, and string cheese for the guys.

Oh, and orange juice. Cept me, I had water. I am proud of what he picked out. he asked me what kind of vegetables we liked instead of heading over to the row of shiny, frozen kid cuisines. Eugh.

It might not look that exciting, but it’s the best meal I’ve eaten all week.

Speaking of eating, I’ve taken up a challenge this month. Mind you, I eat real food, and I eat a lot of real food. Sometimes, I do like to eat not food. Recently, however, the proportion of not food has been increasing and it’s been making me feel like crap.

So I am taking up the Whole 30 Challenge. For 30 days, I go back to real food. No grains [not like I eat these to begin with], beans, certain legumes, processed food, dairy, booze, or sweeteners. Just lots of meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruit.  No calorie counting, no measuring. Just making the proper food choices.

I’m cool with the booze,  I’ve had a whopping 3 glasses of wine since New Year’s Eve. Dairy I can take or leave. I dont use honey let alone Splenda or Stevia. What might just kill me is not being able to indulge in my dark chocolate. And I’ve been kinda using my protein powder as a crutch, too. NO PROTEIN POWDER? SURELY I AM ON THE ONE WAY EXPRESS TRAIN TO CATABOLISM. Need to reset that. But, like Whole9 says, this ain’t hard. It isn’t like beating cancer.

We’ll see where this goes! I’m excited to be doing it. I know I still suffer from a lot of damage from the years I spent eating crap,  and taking this challenge will definitely help me out. Wish me luck.

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rethinking tuna salad

I love mayo. Usually I make my own, though, because store bought mayo is full of  soybean oil and other inflammatory substances that make your body sad. However, I’ve been incredibly lazy as of late, so I can’t be arsed to make my own mayo, either.

So I turn to avocado. Take 1/2 of one and mush it up with a can of tuna and about half a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Serve on top of a bed of baby spinach, and sprinkle with crushed macadamias.

This was my breakfast, btw. It doesn’t always have to be about eggs and – dare I say – bacon.

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what i ate today

today’s breakfast, eaten about noon. breakfast nachos – pork sausage from our pigshare, eggs from the farm, and local grassfed cheddar. topped with organic avocado.

and yes, those are pork rinds. they beat corn chips anyday.

needless to say, i am good until tomorrow. that’s a whole pound of sausage on there.

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a processed bullshit-free thanksgiving

Turkey day dinner at our house again. This year, however, I insisted on eating real food, which meant the heavy absence of grain products. I was rather….bullheaded about it and i got into it a few times with my mother. But, I wanted to prove a point and I think I got it across.  We purchased our turkey from the farm where we get our eggs, bacon, and pork. We went in on a pigshare with a friend, so our freezer is currently brimming with pig parts. Th only other stop I made was to the produce section at the grocery store, and despite the store being crowded on the day before Thanksgiving, I got in and out in record time because NOBODY WAS IN THAT SECTION. Yeah, I hope those reconstituted sweet potato flakes tasted real nice next to your canned cranberry mush. Eesh.  Anyway, this year’s dinner was probably the best tasting and prettiest I’ve ever made, and I’m proud that I was able to provide that for the ones I love.

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