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i had an appointment in parma heights so i decided to save some gas. of course, when there is even just a *slight* chance of rain, if i am on my bike i will get caught in it. it always happens.

i was literally 500 feet from my destination when the deluge hit.

decided to hit the trail for the ride home. this was the first i have biked this week. i have been incredibly cranky because of that.


this was the final reading for ********SNOW RULER WATCH 2008********.

so i was outside the patio door when a teeny field mouse emerged from the snow. of course i freaked out, because that 1" long mouse could have easily devoured my head in one bite. i can't even imagine what that poor thing has had to dig through to get to my door. i found a shoebox, put a towel inside along with a piece of bread and a strawberry. then i wrapped up a bunch of uncooked rice in a bandana and microwaved it for a bit and put it in as well. he's hanging out by my door now.

and, of course, the cats are royally freaking out.

i could probably be doing something more productive.