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st. patrick’s day.

we're trying to corner the market on st. patrick's day decorations. it will get much worse next year.

10 briskets.

15 lbs. of potatoes.

6 lbs of carrots.

5 heads of cabbage.

5 lbs of onions.

that pretty much sums it up. thank you to my dear friends and family for coming over and eating all of this.

and keeping me away from the potatoes.

bonus pic: cray has taken a liking to lady’s dog bed and doesn’t really care if lady is on it or not:

meanwhile, lady is silently praying that the scary pink and gray thing doesn’t eat her. she’s a wuss.

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my poor cat.

doofy collars sometimes end up collecting random catbutt.

A few weeks ago, Cray, the household pet elder, began displaying signs of some pretty horrific allergies. It started around her face, with her nose raw and irritated, and she was losing fur around her ears.  I spent some time changing up the cats food to see if her symptoms would improve. Around Thanksgiving, I discovered that she had licked a HUGE section of her fur and skin off on the side of her body. We’re talking raw and dripping with blood. Seriously, it was nasty. IS nasty. A few trips to the vet have led her to rounds of steroids, antibiotics, and the oh so stylish Elizabethan collar, which improved her reception by at least 50 channels.

Despite this collar and my constant attention to wound care, the skin affliction spread. The old area is healing, but there are new sections down her body that are getting worse. Her fur is literally peeling off, skin and all.

Tonight’s round at the vet – and I love my vet, who gets bonus points for immediately recognizing her name – suspects that she has a rare condition called cutaneous asthenia. He’s read about it, but has never witnessed a case with his own eyes.  Basically, her skin is collagen deficient and extremely fragile.

cray: not unlike a furry sausage now. you can see the raw spot on her nose :(

And there is no cure. Only precautions to take to make her life easier. Reading up on the internets gave me a list of things to do and new food to try. I’ve wrapped her entire midsection in gauze, medical pads, and antibiotic cream. Hopefully this will help prevent her from messing with her skin, and allow her to go around without that hugeass collar on for longer periods of time.

We’re taking a few more weeks to see how things go, but if things worsen, vet is suggesting a skin biopsy.

Not that there is good timing for anything like this, but it’s Christmastime, and i’m supposed to be busy spreading holiday cheer up peoples’ asses. This, plus a few other life stressors have me not really feeling it this year, and it bums me out.

My eye is twitchy.

If you have any extra brain power, a few extra thoughts sent Cray’s way would be appreciated. I’ve had this cat since 1997 and I am not about to give up on her easily.

I will also report that macadamia nut and dark chocolate therapy did zilcho. Oh, emotional eating, I have not turned to you in a long time.

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Cat pwnage

This is a picture of cray that boog drew for me. [cray is our oldest cat] She has a lot of legs so that she can “walk on all sides.” That blue fart lookin thing is her tail.

Just in the past month or so, boog’s skills in – well, pretty much everything – have just exploded. Instead of random scribbling, he’s making actual pictures now. He starts swimming lessons at the Y tomorrow, despite his insistence that he already knows how to swim. He also says he already knows how to drive. It’s easy. Last night in the car, he spontaneously belted out a few rounds of Yankee Doodle.

And, in case you were worried that I was becoming one of THOSE moms, he was singing along to Twisted Sister 5 minutes previous.

My cats have been living in the upstairs apartment for almost a year now, and its been bugging me because the poor things are so isolated up there. I’ve been hesitant about bringing them down due to how lady reacts to cats that she sees in the backyard. Well, after a few months of training, we decided to let the cats downstairs. Initially, it was a lot of this:

Well, except for cray. She marched her 14 year old cat ass downstairs and plopped it right on the kitchen floor.  Then lady showed up, and I held my breath in expectation of a blood filled hiss and bark fest.

Guess who won?

I have never, ever seen a dog be so wussy about small furry things before in my life.  In all honesty, she is just REALLY EXCITED about having those….SMALL THINGS! WITH LONG TAILS! around her, and all she wants to do is stick her nose up their butts. Of course, the cats aren’t having any of that.

So, integration obtained, I guess. That’s probably the best we’re gonna get.  Man. Cray’s getting old.

Things have been all crazy busy.  I’m currently on a gig with university hospitals assisting with their website, and it’s been quite pleasant. I am redoing our church’s website as well.  I am getting more involved with boog’s school [Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister.] and still lifting heavy and being all obsessed about eating well and still taking life by the nads, just in different, more productive ways from what I used to. And it seems that a lot of my life has been slipping by, undocumented. So here I am, documenting.

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