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the boarito.

yesterday’s lunch:

leftover BBQ boar wrapped in an egg tortilla with tomato from the garden, avocado, and a bit of cheese.

and you can never have too many strawberries.

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boarfest 2010 and some other things

Things, as usual, have been rather busy. First off – yeah, I got my own blog going on my own domain, finally. If you are viewing this from livejournal or google reader, I encourage you to visit my site because I have made the best blog logo in the history of the internet. Second, to all 20 something of you who pick me up via rss, update the link, plz. Third, please scuse my dust as I tweak things.

So, last weekend D and I headed out to western NY [seriously, we might as well live there] for Boarfest 2010, held by our friend Deanna [yes, the avocado lady!] and her family. We basically camped out for a couple days and ate a lot of boar. We all chipped in for the boar, and it was purchased live, and then they killed it, and then we smoked it, and then we ate the crap out of it. Before and after photos can be found over on Deanna’s boarfest post if you feel so inclined to look.

All the pics I took that weekend are of pig and fire. Really, do you  need anything else?

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