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i had more to say about last night's post, but i do believe its going to take me a really long time to sort out whats going on in ye olde noggin. i'm not depressed or anything, just really pissed off at a number of shitty things that are happening to me right now.

but that wasn't the point of this post. more njoy shit - i have noticed that i have gained about 5lbs in the past week without my eating or workout habits changing.

then it dawned on me. i went outside to smoke, obvs. each time i did, i took the stairs. that's climbing 3 flights of stairs x about 6 times per day, including lunch. that's a lot of exercize that i am no longer getting. so, i have resumed going outside to smoke. however, in the winter, i'm just gonna walk the stairway every time.

the bonus is that i have that option. i dont have to go outside. haha.

njoy update

i have now been using the njoy for 9 days straight.

last tuesday or wednesday, i had a cigarette with limbik. it actually made me ill. this is the only cig i have had in that span of time. this is also the longest i've gone without a cigarette since i was 16 years old.

i have zero desire to buy cigarettes anymore. really. i was also worried about overeating due to lack of cigarettes. havent done that either.

if you were looking to purchase the njoy, if you enter the discount code of BATTY [that's typed in all caps] you'll get 20% off your purchases.

just sayin.


i have been sucking at the friends list reading. my email is apparently down so i dont know when people have commented. so, everything is pretty much making me look like an antisocial dillhole. which, i am and i suck eggs.

now. njoy. this is my 2nd full day of using it. while i was in PA i wore out both of the batteries and dumbass me didnt bring the charger. so.

anyway. i don't know where to start so i'm just going to list things as i think of them and this is going to be incredibly disjointed so scuse my swahili:

the pamphlet claims that the npro batteries can last 2 days. obviously this is dependent on usage, but mine are only lasting about half a day. i am going to buy extra batteries so i dont have to carry my charger with me all the time, as small as it is.

they claim one cartridge for the npro is about 1/2 pack of cigs. i'm going through maybe 2.5 cartridges a day at the moment. i'm chalking htis up to the novelty of the thing and that this might settle down in time. i'm actually trying to reduce my intake as well.

the novelty of sitting here at my desk and 'lighting up' is too tempting. pamphlet claims that the equivalent of 1 cig = 15 inhales, so i've been counting to 10, then i put the thing back in my purse and don't touch it for another hour or so.

i dont know how y'all inhale your cigs, but for me, i took the smoke in my mouth and *then* inhaled it - the njoy is most effective if you just inhale it directly, and don't go fast.

i am finding myself taking bigger inhales because i *need* to see the vapor come out, otherwise i get cranky.

i have to remind myself to gtfo of my office on occasion now that i dont go outside to smoke - the irony here is that i'm missing out on a lot of exercise now, as i always took the 3 flights of stairs to go out to have a cigarette. that's kinda funny. but now that i dont have a reason to leave the office, i kinda dont.

overall, i am happy with it. there are times when i just really want a regular cigarette, like last night, but i didnt cave into it. in fact, i don thave any regular cigs in the house so i cant be tempted.

reports on extended usage can happen if anyone gives a shit.

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replacement vaporizer came in for my njoy.

i have 1/2 pack of reg cigs and that's it, so i'll be forcing myself to be using this.

so far, the replacement is MUCH better. the 'smoke' amuses me.

will give a better report after the weekend.

typing in sentence fragments.


i have been busy.

everyone has those lists of goals/things to accomplish within their lifetimes. ive had one that wasn't really a concrete list, but just things in my life i've wanted to tackle and change up a bit. obvs i've accomplished a few of them, but there are a couple that have been farting around in the back of my head, nagging at me for a while.

one of them has been this smoking thing. i like smoking. a lot. yes, i know that it is slowly killing me. previous attempts at not smoking have lead to a lot of pretty disasterous situations. it's rather tough.

last week, IT shawn [oh hello, sgoertzen!] asked me if i had heard of the njoy and i had not. basically, its an electronic cigarette that vaporizes liquid nicotine into a vapor that you inhale. no tar, no hazardous secondhand smoke, no additional chemicals commonly found in a regular cigarette.

so, i caved and bought one. the starter kit was a little pricey, but hey, this is my life we're talking about and i can eat nothing but canned tuna for a while until the next paycheck.

it came today, and i really have to say that this thing absolutely rocks.

after i charged it up, i put in one of the low cartridges. obviously this is going to take some getting used to because now i can just be anywhere and hit it. its amazing - the action of drawing in the vapor and the taste is pretty much like a regular cigarette. THE END ACTUALLY LIGHTS UP WHEN YOU TAKE A PUFF. i am also amused that i have to plug in my cigarettes now. heh.

i'm going to do this for a few days and see how it goes. hopefully this works well so i can stop killing myself. if anyone is interested in my review of it after i've used it for a while, let me know.