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boog was helpful by clearing out some flowers that crapped out when i was outta town and totally forgot to ask IT jay to water my plants. oops.

spent the evening tending the garden. expanded the trellis for the snap peas, planted round 2 of broccoli and swiss chard, and did damage control on my herb box which suffered the wrath of the clogged gutter above. i really gotta call maintenance about that.

in true tradition, the hummingbird scared the crap outta me last night, which happens every year. i'll be sitting on my patio minding my own business, then i hear this huge buzz and i'm all OMG HUGE FREAKING BUG and i freak and scare the little guy off. at least i now know that he's benefiting from my flowers.


i think i have a new neighbor. said neighbor keeps leaving food out for the damn animals and they've now picked up on it. fortunately, i have boog well trained to know that if he sees any animal in the yard that is not one of our kitties, to run back inside right away. every time i see one of the critters nosing around in the backyard, i scare them off.

this season's cast of characters so far:

fatass the raccoon, who is prety much hopeless anyway because he relies on the dumpsters for food. so sad.
the skunk. haven't named him yet. he is out by the sparrow tree every evening and just after the sun rises.
the occasional possum
the woodpecker
the hawk
the hummingbird
the @)$(#@%$ geese that come up from the pond in the valley below
and the deer, although the herd seems to be a little small this year and less fequent. their path is still in the grass in the yard, though.

i did not get to bike last night because of a stupid situation that is now, in retrospect, comedic. fortunately limbik saved me with coors light. the next two days are filled with biking goodness, thursday i'm doing recon with another member of the adventure group to scope out new, rigorous ways through the metroparks for the group.

also, thank you for the email addresses yesterday, i obvs did not email you all but i got the testing i needed. blackberries are sometimes stupid.


got up at 6 this morning, became a cleaning dynamo and fully cleaned the littermaid and ferret cage, and the apartment is all clean, save for 2 tables, and now i do not feel like doing them. the sun is out, my patio door is open, and the blinds are pushed away. dropping off boog to stay with his grammie, dropping of a few loads of clothes and toys to goodwill, and then heading to a small gathering of my adventure group people.

i'd be out on the parkway today, but i have essentially worked out 8 days in a row as of yesterday. today is a rest day, save the cleaning binge.

i have, once again, revamped my eating habits. i have massive carb issues and my body shows it. i am no longer consuming grains and starches except post workout. i am significantly less bloated, have more energy [hello 6am saturday], and am less moody. this is not low carb - i am getting my necessary carb intake through vegetables. people seem to forget that veggies are indeed carbs. and that some fats are good for you and necessary.

this is my 3rd or 4th day of this and i have noticed a small butt reduction. i am pleased.

i also am babbling. enjoy your day. go outside.

the week.

boog and i had a really good week last week. in addition to the hiking, he helped me with prepping the box garden for this year. i cut the crap out of my finger, but as takarosa said, blood must be shed for a good harvest. my seeds are sprouting, and will start flower seeds next week. i have also started a small indoor herb garden.

sunday we did another hike - probably 4 miles this time - in hinckley with my new BFF, amy, who i met through my adventure group. so, yeah, i lugged my 39 lb child on my back another 4 miles. actually, he probably walked for about a half a mile, but pooped out quickly because he was excitedly running the entire time. yes, he peed on a tree again, he thinks this is the coolest thing ever now. in fact, he loved it so much that he chugged his juice so he could do it again.

here is boog at the end of our hike with amy's dog.

i am a big fan of the little things. i mean, i appreciate when something big that requires effort is done for me, but i absolutely adore the little details, especially ones that people would usually miss. last night as i was putting boog's stuff away, i noticed he had been playing with his pixos. he usually just takes em and makes straight lines, but last night he actually took one of the patterns and replicated it all by himself. for those of you familiar with pixos, it was the cherries. granted, he made the cherries yellow, but goddamn he follwed the pattern to the letter. i called him over and asked if he did that all by himself [like there's some pixo-helping entity infiltrating our apartment or something], and he gave me an emphatic "yeah!" he never called attention to his work - its like, he made it and then went about the rest of his business. i was so proud and impressed by this lilttle design of stuck together water filled plastic balls that it made my heart swell. i was so proud of him. i sprayed an additional coating of water on it to ensure they stick together, and that is going right into his memory chest.

things like that, yeah.

i turn 36 in 16 days. i am not sure what i am going to do with myself.