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so i am loving google more and more very day. i have gmail, chat, and google maps on my blackberry, and i really love gchat more than the others because not only care you able to be logged into your account in multiple places, the IMs go to all the places where you're logged in. i cant even count the number of times i've forgotten to log out of yahoo on my friggin desktop and had to change the password so it would log me out.

anyway. IT shawn directed me ot this awesomesauce today:


so i threw it on my blackberry and he watched me ride home through google maps.

and i can stalk his ass and know when he's home:

oh, i gifed that in way too little colors. oh well.

so now i know where IT shawn is ALL THE TIME. LIKE, RIGHT NOW, HE IS IN HIS HOUSE.

i dont know if anyone else wants to be added or whatever, but i'm mz.batty.