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would you like to see my gargantuan tomato plants?

you would? well, here you go:

those poles are 7' tall. that is my bedroom window hiding behind there...somewhere.

there is an infinite crapload of tomatoes brewing as we speak.

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i found myself alone today which is kinda sad. so i made a lot of food.

for starters:

guacamole that resembles poo when photographed and baked whole wheat tortilla chips. also pepper jack cheese.

main course:

my most brilliantly cooked steak to date. roasted veggies, and french fries.

and for dessert:

i didn't get enough raspberries from the bush outside so i added grapes and made sorbet. also i kept the seeds in. not all the way frozen yet but i couldnt wait any longer.

i met the lady who feeds the deer, turns out that she is in the apartment with the 4 zillion plants hogging the balcony. she gave me a heads up on the foliage outside, and the lowdown on our neighbors in the valley. she is pagan. i am not surprised by this.