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take that, tae bo.

anyone that was on my weight loss progress filter knows my hatred of billy blanks. i bought one of his DVDs...oh, last year, i think? and i tried it a few times and hated it. the guy has the IQ of my toenail.

over the course of the year, i'd pull it out again thinking "OH I NEED SOME CARDIO I WILL TRY THIS AGAIN!!" and then be painfully reminded as to specifically why i didnt like it too much. its not a horrible workout - it just goes really fast, is pretty intense, and turns your lower body parts to jello.

the last time i tried this DVD was over the winter sometime. i guess i refuse to learn, because last night i decided to do it again. and that's when something really freaky happened.

i actually got through it all. no stopping, no cries of anguish...sure, there was a lot of sweat, but for serioius, i was able to get through the whole thing without having to break at all. i just kept going. i'm not even remotely sore this morning.

i had to post about this because despite my general severe hatreddissatisfaction over my current physical state, there are actually things changing that i cannot see, and that counts for something.

also i really, really hate men now. unless you were formed inside my uterus, i highly suggest you stay waaaaaaaaaaaaay the hell away from me.

...hey, at least i'm acknowledging it.



so i found a pic that adequately shows just how freakin veiny my arms are. mind you, it is also a picture that may be a little risque for some folk. so, if you have no desire to see my underpants, please do not click on the cut.

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some things.

going into our games yesterday, the sand pirates were tied for 3rd. we one two and lost one, i served 7 points first game. IN A ROW, EVEN. i dont know where that leaves us now because i dont know how the other teams did.

the way we function as a team just blows my mind. obvs its not any kind of pro stuff - hell, we're playing sand volleyball at a goddamn bar. our uncanny knack for pulling ourselves out of impossible situations is amazing. like, sonmeone will hit the ball and it goes way the other way - we're talking out of court and heading towards the bar area, and shawn will be RIGHT THERE and just nail the damn thing back over to the other side and into play. or, joe just subconsiously spiking with his non-dominant hand. i am the queen of digs. i can prove this by the amount of sand that falls out of my shorts at the end of the evening.

wraptboy and i kicked 16 miles in the butt tonight. we stopped at rockside and decided to go a few more miles south. coming back, we did 8 miles in 30, although i think i did it in 25 - i chugged ahead a little bit because i have no concept of pacing myself.

despite the heat and humidity, it was yet another great ride. i had a super zen moment that was mind blowingly awesome and i was going to write about it, but i have decided to keep it to myself. i need something for me.

...bowling? what? not for me - for boog. jeremy told me that tonight boog bowled two games and got a 79 on the first, *88* on the second. one spare in the first game, two more in the second. and he bowled them all by himself. he will hit the PBA by the time he is 5.

for whoever likes these things

here is a bichin potato curry recipe.

this also might be old news to like 90% of you, but i've been using http://www.fatfree.com/ for inspiration, especially when i'm on the last legs of the groceries.

i am sore. i gave boog a 2 mile piggyback ride in the metroparks today, and then pilates with the 10 goddamn pound free weights.

also i have realized that there is not one picture i have taken of myself in the past 6 months or so that i actually like.

there was a time when i wouldn't even *consider* going to bed before 11pm. id usually stay up till like 1 or 2 am and i'd be fine for the day. now, if i'm not in bed by 10, i am completely non functional in the morning. funny how things like that change.


as 90% of you know, i finally had it with myself and underwent a major lifestyle change. i started working out on a regular basis and revamped the way i ate. i started this a year ago this month. i think it was the 8th, actually. when i started, i was a size 14 and weighed 182. two years ago i was at 191 and a size 16. oh, that picture is here.

this was taken in may last year. i was probably about 175 at that time.

i stopped drinking pop and most processed foods. i've become an accidental vegetarian because the bulk of my meals are now lentils, beans, or tofu. i wont call myself one, though, because i still eat chicken and red meat, just not as much as i used to. i think the last time i ate red meat was like 3 weeks ago.

i make all my own food. there are no lean cuisines or healthy choice frozen meals in my freezer, because that shit isn't any better for you despite what they tell you. there's always 2 bags of spinach in my fridge. tonight, i made my own variation of this and it was completely awesome. i used a multigrain tortilla instead of a taco shell. i've become really good at making pretty complex dishes that take minutes to make.

i can't say it was easy, especially in the beginning. your body becomes dependent on all the crap you shove into yourself and giving it up is a bitch. every time i had the urge to stuff my face with skyline, or taco bell, i'd take a minute to step back, and remind myself that if i want to achieve what i set out to do, that partaking in such activities is going to make it harder. eventually, things changed and now fast food disgusts me. even shit like subway.

i didn't diet. that is a temporary solution. in fact, i eat more now than i ever have, its just better stuff. i eat breakfast now! i haven't done that since high school. i dont deprive myself, either. if i want chocolate, i eat it. the difference here is that you dont cave in and eat that whole pint of ice cream all in one sitting.

i work out 3-4 times a week now. if i miss out a day, i get rather cranky. like tonight. heh.

its been a ride. it's been encouraging, its been enraging, and there have been times when i didn't think i'd make it, but i kept going.

so today, a bit over a year since i started, i did something awesome. eh, might not be awesome for *you*, but this isn't about you.
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i've come a long way, but there are still some things i would like to improve. i'll get there. there are things that i have grown to accept, like my hips. my hips ain't getting any narrower, what you see is pretty much hipbone. i need to figure out how to reduce the thingh and butt areas. but - for now, i am using this post as an acknowledgement of my progress and encouragement to go where i want to be.

i'd like to thank my strong willpower, jennifer kries, and you guys with your support. i wouldn't be where i am now if it weren't for those things.


ok, let me get this stright, body. we go through roughly 40 weeks of pregnancy without a flaw and bounce back unscathed. then we go to reducing our size in half. ok, we're golden.

are you telling me NOW, when there's really no huge body changing event going on, that its a good time to develop stretchmarks on the ole abdomen?


you take the good, you take the bad...

im feeling marginally better today. thank you guys for your supportive words. they mean the world to me. miss j? thank you with every ounce of my being.

i know i'll have periods like that again. having static emotions is boring.

thanks to the awesomeness of helcat, this event just happened:

From: Facebook
To: Batty
Subject: Jennifer Kries confirmed you as a friend on Facebook...

the fangirl in me is doing happy dances. SHE ONLY HAS 3 FRIENDS AND I AM NOW ONE OF THEM.

also to those of you who i have a scrabble game going on with, i am sorry that i have horribly neglected those. things have been really busy. i will try to get to them as soon as possible.