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poor boog

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i slept for shit last night. i kept having a dream that i had to stay awake in order to keep boog alive. then about 4am, the left side of my throat exploded and the pain woke me up every time i swallowed. i gave uup about 7 and got up. i have chills and when i went out into the sun to tend to the garden, it made me nauseous.

it figures that on the day we have the most gorgeous weather in, like, forever, my body shuts down. it is seirously, seriously pissing me off because i wanted to go out and be active today.

well, i am anyway because boog is dying to spend the afternoon at the park, and despite my condiition we will go, because that's what moms do.

F today and F the world.


last night, i had a dream that there were a shitload of cows in my backyard, and i tried to scare them off by yelling at them, but i failed to yell loud enough for that to happen.

please someone tell me what this means.

dream log.

dreaming about seeing the new attrition album - it has pictures of simon and martin on it, but no chris. both simon and martin have let their hair grow out and have grown beards - martin looks like kenny rogers and is wearing a black leather vest. which of course would not happen because he's vegan.

then i had to bolt and don my jumpsuit because i had a NASCAR race to drive. the officials were mad at me because i reserved half the stands for my friends.