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2 years with D

Yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of mine and D’s first date, which was *the* best first date ever. Since it was so close to my birthday, he took me to XO and I ate the most expensive steak I’ve ever ingested, and this was without even meeting me in person beforehand.

As I am apt to do because my brain is like this, I was in this multi day streak of funk this past week, wondering wtf I’m doing and just worrying about my general worthiness.

And then our anniversary came and D produced flowers and a card, and I really need to point out just how great D is at doing both. The flowers are always some bouquet of bright, colorful wildflowers – I am of the opinion that if a guy gives you roses, it is because he couldn’t think of something more original. But that’s just me.

And then there was the card. This is what it said:

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in the snow.

Guys can give you stuff. they can give you flowers, or take you out to a play, or plan that expensive ski weekend, or get you random shit off of your Amazon wish list. While these things are nice, the little surprises, like finding artwork in the snow made just for you, are  the things that really, really make you feel loved.

And incredibly fortunate.

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me and d

pull my finger.

the weekend was spent entirely with d. he is my happy place and that is where i am very much preferring to be. in my past relationships, it has always been 'i am generally happy *but* x and y might be issues later on' and with this, there are none. zero. no embelishment, no denial of truth because we're still in some honeymoon phase of the relationship. this shit makes me happy. period.


on our drive back from NY, we stopped to eat. he gave me a glimpse into his sense of humor, and consequently a small test on whether or not i'd get him. humor compatibility is pretty important, imo. so he told me the stupidest joke on the face of the earth. i passed with flying colors by laughing uncontrollably for, like, the next hour. srsly, i could not stop. and it has been awesome ever since.

he opens up the car door for me every single time. he made me pull his finger. *that's* love, people.

end tangent.

saturday my intention was to hit 60 miles on the bike, which i probably could have accomplished if i hadn't overlooked that minute detail of the, oh....20 MPH winds coming from the west, yanno, the direction i was headed. that hurt a little. i did, however, manage about 44 miles in under 3 hours - lakewood to lorain and back, pretty much - despite this, still averaging my 15mph that i prefer to do.

saturday evening was listening to the glory of thedarksiren at her recital @ CSU. she is sheer brilliance and i well up with emotion when i hear her sing. thank you for letting us be a part of that, dawndawn.

i made d cream cheese and strawberry preserve stuffed french toast for fathers day breakfast. his son had some of the leftovers and i guess i scored some cool points there. go me.

did another 20 on the bike and then hit the tanning bed place and no i really dont give a shit what you think about tanning beds :D

boog had had more of his fill of fathers day because when nicole dropped him off he was a screaming mimi and it took me like 3 hours to get him callmed down and to sleep last night. this week will involve a lot of biking and swimming and i gotta figure out something fun to do with him over the weekend.

as an aside: i have not set foot in a bar and gotten hosed in about a month.

d and i are doing 50 miles in the pedal erie [county] metroparks next month. should be fun.

for the first time in...well, since the torrential hormone onslaught of puberty, really - i can honestly say that i am happy and content with the way things are and not typing it as some farce to appease the general public. i am loving that.

ive also been listening to bluegrass all afternoon. its like y'all dont know me anymore.

going public

there is nothing more awesome than a man willing to sit in a kids chair and make chalk scribbles with a 4 year old.

it makes my heart happy on so many levels.

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d [the man] rode with me yesterday, the first time he's done so in, like, 3 years, so it was another evening of terminal slowness for me. i, however, did not mind one bit. oh, and he has a case of bronchitis right now so he gets, like, a zillion extra effort points for that. he did remarkably well and stuck it out for 17 miles.

we got drafted by a rollerblader for almost 3 miles. a ROLLERBLADER.

that was the funniest goddamn thing ever.

well, besides him almost getting hit by a car because he was checking out my spandex-clad ass.

d and i have resolved to conquer pedal to the point together in august. he thinks i can do it, i am scared shitless because i grossly underestimate myself constantly. this means i will tackle my first century this year. i am not counting the one i did when i was 16 because that was too long ago.