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carrie's pics

this is my favoritest picture from c14.

this one?

not so much. i look like i just told you we're out of hash browns and hocked a loog in your coffee. now tell me what f@$(&%(&% pancakes you want.
goth me

as in 'rock you like a'

convergence is just like a hurricane. the sirens of its impending doom wail, and you spend about a week gathering necessary supplies. then everyone descends on the victim city, and for 3 solid days its gale force emotion, debauchery, more debauchery, alcohol, and camaraderie. then, *BLAM*, there is silence, and one by one people poke their heads out of the rubble assessing the damage, sending texts and IMs to each other - "did you make it home ok?" "how's your head?" "did you sleep?" "HOWS YOUR CROTCH???" until we know our loved ones are safe, and we then pick up the pieces and try our best to return to our normal lives until next year.

i need to be less brigadoon-ish in my attendance.

berlin, laura - you were the best roomies ever. hit me up anytime in the future :)

c14 was by far one of the better convergences, mostly because the people there knew what it was about, and that's an awesome thing. there was a point on sunday night when i was hanging back behind the crowd in the band room just observing everyone, and a huge wave of 'i love you fuckers' came over me.

and its true. i love you fuckers.

also, true to my nature, i got a good round of the macarena going while we were dancing to fiction 8. sorry, folks, had to be done. goths + macarena = full on win. i think this demonstrated just how awesome this year's convergence was because people actually *participated*.

next time i will not make my return flight so early because i am absolutely cheesed that i didn't really get to say goodbye to anyone. i had to be out of the hotel by 10, woke up at 9:30, and made it to the airport with about 30 minutes to spare. shouldn't i know this shit by now?

i am also amused that eilis and i were discussing the possibility of childcare for future convergences.

anyway. yeah. i love you fuckers. i do.

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it amuses me that literally 12 hours ago, i was in hotpants, fishnets, and drunk off my ass. now i'm at home watching sesame street with boog.

what can i say, my people. it was good seeing all of you again. i am too pooped right now to type accurately so i will post later. but i am home.