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im sitting here after a horribly shitty night at bowling.

i'm very reserved, this i know. but like, at some point, someone would be all "o hay, r u ok?" and id be all "yes, thank you. i really do appreciate your concern."

but it doesnt happen.

it never happens.

this is a pathetic plea for attention.

batty is really fun and nobody realizes when she is sad.

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Z, alex, and i went to the lanes today to make up for the snowed out game we missed on tuesday. we did shitty. heh. you know, its hard bowling when the sun is still out, not to mention sober. by about the 5th frame on the first game, alex is all "YOU. BAR. SHOT. GO. NOW."

i did end up figuring out something that is so glaringly obvious that i am kicking myself in the pants for not doing it earlier. my game improved about halfway through the 2nd, but not enough. i am hoping, however, that this particular thing helps me not send my average into the shitter.

jeremy's dad called me into the lanes office and said he had something to give me. these:

he said his family brought it from the old country. those are garnets, i think he said. he said that its probably older than me and him combined. heh.

i want to take it to some kind of antique dealer or something to see if i can find out any more info about it. any history/fashion/whatever buffs on my list [bee/ yosa?] that might be familiar with ye olde ancient jewelry, feel free to provide me with any information.

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but seriously, im extremely touched by this. these are hefty pieces of jewelry here, and i'm so touched that dad would give them to me.

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so dumbass me kept leaving the 9/10 this evening many times. every time i went for it, and i usually hit it, my hook was too deep and i'd miss it by inches.

until the very last frame of the last game. got a strike, then left the 9/10. i stepped back, focused, then advanced and my ball released in slow motion while music that mimiced a heartbeat played. it welled just as my ball hooked just the lightest bit on the 9, sending it careening into the 10. the camera then turns back to me, i jump in the air as my teammates rush to congratulate me. that's when the frame freezes and the credits roll.


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ladies and gentlemen of livejournal:

i have attained a new career high of 213.

that makes up for the 111 last game.

this is batty reporting from yorktown lanes

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last night in bowling: 158, 160...and near the end of that 160 game i was very angry because i missed a couple of pins that would have won us the 2nd game, me being anchor and all. that lead to my hand having an intimate moment with the console, resulting in extreme swelling and bruising that caused me to blindscore the last game.

yeah, fuck you, too. i have PMS.

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bowling scores:


not too shabby, recent bowling has brought my average back up to 147 so at least i covered myself. despite this, we lost all 3 games last night. curses! we’re in, like, 7th place out of..uh...10? or something.

we still do hold the 2nd overall total with handicap, though - 3200+ pins. we got that going for us.

it occurred to me today that at the end of the week i will no longer be a parma resident. i lived in parma for 7 years, which beats out cincinnati by a year.  while a lot of my life is still going to be parma-centeric, its still going to be kind of weird not living there.

what, do you think i'm gonna stop bowling?

so fall leagues started last night. cow-orker lindsay and her husband have been dying to get back into bowling, so i left the chick league and joined the mixed one on tuesdays. our team name is damn that's orange.  at this point i will only slightly mention how well i handled myself emotionally with 98% of yorktown's populace not knowing what is going on currently.

so here we have 3 totally new people unfamiliar with the league and the bowlers, and one of the guys we were bowling against bags a friggin 300.

haha, my poor team. i think they crapped their pants and are now scared.

anyway. 142, 171, and 160 for me.