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the weekend.

The entire family was hugely busy this weekend. Rockstar Conner not only had matrching band, but also performed at the winchester with one of his bands. Sadly I lack photos. Boog also graced the stage this weekend with Jeremy’s band:

boog knows all the words!

He knows the lyrics to a few of the songs, so Jeremy has him join them up on stage.

On top of that, camping with the adventure group at west branch state park, the cadillac of ohio’s state parks. It is maintained by the army corps of engineers, so it is really, really nice. It’s almost not like camping. West branch is located a bit south of Ravenna. With over 5000 acres of park and 2000 acres of water, the park offers over 20 miles of bridle trails, 7 miles of MTB trails, 12 miles of hiking trails, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  In addition to all this awesomesauce, the weather was incredibly cooperative and a good time was had by all.

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tonight i met up with another lead for our adventure group to scope out new areas for possible hikes. we hit up the bedford reservation again. we scaled really high cliffs where we had to cling on to whatever plant life we could use to hoist ourselves up, and then i utilized my rock wall experience and climbed a rock face about 50 feet above a river with questionable undertow.

it was badass.

seeing as i have an uncanny knack of unintentionally beating the shit out of my blackberry, there are no pictures.

it is awesome out there. if you get tired, you can't shut off a machine. if you want to go home, you have to still finish to get back to your car. if you feel like getting go, you fall. it is a whole new set of rules and i love it.

bike n boog

yesterday boog and i went on a 12 mile ride with a few peeps from the adventure group. holy crap, were they slooooow. here i am with my bike in its absolute lowest gear, towing boog and his bike behind me, and i STILL found myself way too far ahead. i dont think we broke 12mph. i'm like a race horse forced to be a kiddie park ride, i guess. the last couple of miles or so, i broke loose and i'm surprised that boog didn't blow off.

overall he's a good rider. and it makes me die when we pass people and i bellow "ON YOUR LEFT" and almost immediately after you hear a very small "onya left!" I DIE.

i still gotta get used to the trailabike. i'm doing infinitely better than i was the first time, but when boog gets fidgety it sends us into an infinite wobble. i'm pretty good at correcting it, however. once again, i thoght we were gonna bite it on those concrete stantions on the parkway, but my natural reflexes are pretty damn good when it comes to regaining balance. i once again got complimented on my ability to recover.

i'm being cryptic now, but i gotta say that a years worth or so of sucky karma in some aspects of my life are finally beginning to turn around, and i'm really happy - no, in BLISS because of it. of course, because i cannot have an overall life above average, my car is in need of some repairs that are gonna hit me financially for quite some time. anyone wanna come drink with me on my patio? that's all i'm gonna be able to do for a while.

i am trying to find swimming lessons for boog that don't require me to sign off my nonexistent 2nd born. the ledges pool has their open house tomorrow, and of course thanks to my car i'm not gonna be able to shell out the cash to sign him up there.

but i'm giddy, so. i'll take things as they come.