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all aboard, mateys

20 April 1973
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, 4, anonymous 4, aphex twin, archie mcphee, astronomy, bats, batty's abs, batty's ass, beef jerky, being a kickass mom, ben nye, blue, body piercing, boole, bowling, brap, cannibal the musical, carl sagan, cats, cheese, chew's eye shop, chivalry, chloe's pit hair, christopher walken, cleveland, cold meat industry, crazy goth bats, cu-seeme, cyberoptix, cycling, dancing, dawndawn, dethany, disobey, emigre, ferrets, fishnets, focault's pendulum, front 242, gail swanlund, glitter, gossamer, graphic design, h4x0ring, hair metal, haujobb, hot sauce, house industries, i thought u ♥ me > qweerdo, industrial decay, industrial might, isaac asimov, jalapenos, jambi, jennifer kries, klinik, kompressor, kraftwerk, laibach, leather, leopard print, long island iced teas, macintosh, makeup, mark martin, meatstick of doom, medical oddities, merzbow, meteorology, montana, mountain dew, mucha, music, nasa, nascar, noise, noisex, onebobsharem, ozzy, pablo francisco, parma, pee wee herman, pepper mcgowan's twat, pilates, powerpuff girls, prince of darkness, pro-circumcision, r23 ironik, red bull, reindeer flotilla, rick valicenti, rock stars, rocket science, rollerblading, rushmore, sarah's mouth, science, seabound, senor coconut, shell's boobs, skin machine, skinny puppy, slick idiot, space, space exploration, star trek, steak, stompy boots, string cheese, sushi, taco bell, tattoos, tenacious d, the boog, the continuity equation, the gothsicles, the monkees, the muppets, the rick roll, the roycrofters, theonebob's ass, thoushaltnot, thr's soup, toybreaker, tron, tsottc, v., vger, vinyl, vivaldi, vodka, warp 11, wasabi, william shatner, wings, world domination, yoga, young frankenstein, zombies, zoth ommog