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are EVIL. i think my friends list just doubled within the last day. sheesh, i try to get away, and you keep following ;)

evening: TOTALLY unproductive. needed to make some drawings for a silent auction we're having at work, and well, i tried, i really did, and failed miserably. it depressed me. a lot. i think i've lost it. the talent. something. i N E E D to get a sketchbook and pencils and force myself to draw daily.

i'm not entirely sure what i have these days.

i think the rolling rock is speaking and not me.

today i noticed the leaves are changing.

things i did not do this summer because i thought i had all the time in the world:
1. rollerblade
2. take the ferrret to a park
3. get the damn duct tape off my car
4. repaint the chamber doors
5. lose weight
6. road trip for something other than DJing

there will probably be more.

THG got me a very, VERY lovely present this evening. it smells wonderful. he is way, way too too tooo good to me. i adore him.

i am being juvenile and random. this is because i have discovered that i'm really, REALLY tired.
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