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oh hell

Break open the champagne! Your rockstar boyfriend is Marilyn Manson
You and Marilyn Manson are a match made in heaven! You're both glamourous and could be described as 'goth' and you always stand out in a crowd. When you have something to say, you like to be heard! Whether through your lyrics or in conversation, you can definitely be described as highly opinionated!

You can expect a challenging day ahead of you, Aries. Your emotions could be at odds with your actions. It could be easy to let temper cause you to say things that you'll later regret. Don't let the little things get to you. Count to ten before you react. You might want to avoid caffeine and try to pace your day so you get some breaks between meetings or tasks. At the end of the day, try a grounding walk or workout to balance yourself. Then take a hot relaxing bath, and watch an entertaining movie.

AVOID CAFFEINE? shit hell no.

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