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dream log.

so, they're doing a 2 month anniversary thingy at ground zero this morning - having a jazz musician play the star spangled banner. he, of course, does it all jazzy. its comedic to me, using his wah mute amongst the stoic faces in the rubble.

and it reminds me faintly of my dream last night, all too ironic, i think (maybe i predicted the future in my sleep) - i faintly recall having to play my trumet in my dreams. it was old and tarnished, not the shiny silver baby it used to be. i think i had to play taps or something (easy enough, its all the first and 3rd valve) and i couldnt play it too well because my lip is shot. (its been years since i've actually played, and while my knowledge remains, the lip would have to be retrained.)

and i am reminded that i used to be able to hit a G above the scale. i was a dynamo, really.

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