batty (batty_) wrote,

parental n00b

it's funny how not too long ago, this time of the morning i'd be slumping into bed in a drunken stupor. now i'm finding myself being awake for at least a few hours.

i now call turdlet "boog" as in booger, although when talking to jeremy about him, we still refer to him as turdlet. gotta keep up with the gross body things as cute nicknames, i guess.

this week has been rough but we've survived. i manage about 3 hours of sleep a night, and being all doped up on percocet, this is no small feat. i think i've actually slept in our bed for all of 2 hours - with the incision its been difficult to get in and out of bed comfortably, so i've been sleeping on the couch with the co-sleeper next to me, it's been a hell of a lot easier that way. i do miss the bed, though. but, this is what you gotta do when you are your child's food source. moo.

my mom spent the week with us helping out around the house, making food, and tending to turdlet in hopes of helping me get a little more sleep. she left last night and it made me a little sad.

i still can't drive for another week and turdlet can't go out of the house yet, so i've been going a little stir crazy.
i just hope that when i'm able to get out again, the weather improves so i can do a little walking.

aside from the lack of sleep thing, the turdlet has been an absolute joy. he's not overly fussy and its been rather easy to take care of him. of course, all he does right now is poop, sleep, and eat. he's also starting to lift his head on his own, although he doesn't totally have the hang of it yet so he ends up doing a little headbang.

he also burps and farts like his mother. :D

lylith: omg, thank you for the baby book. i've not seen it before, and it's hilarious! we're definitely filling it out ;D

alceria: the hat ROCKS. my mom loved it too :D thank you so, so much.

also mad props to stormcore for showing us the right way to operate the diaper genie.

daliah and thechubbyhole: i owe y'all phone calls!

and because i can't post without pictures:

his eyes are this really awesome shade of dark grey at the moment. i have no doubt that they will eventually change to brown. despite my fears of him being a redhead i do hope his hair color doesn't change because its rather cute.

this smile means absolutely nothing!

he's still going through the newborn peely skin phase.

that's my boogaboog.

my next step is to try to mesh this mom life with the real world.

got my voting key for c12 and i was all "...oh." weird how things change like that.

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