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spinning right round....

odd day. can't believe i'm actually considered a neutral party at day job.

so we got this girl. she's one of the 3 designers. she is DUMB. she's not that particularly bright, nor talented. i am amazed she actually retains information, because she does not listen. continuously asks for help from me and b. on, of all things, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, AND FLASH - like, the 3 primary tools of our jobs.

why is she still there? people like her. she's a kiss butt. she knows exactly WHO to talk to, who to gossip with, and who to play euchre with on lunch break. she has no common sense whatsoever.

with the recent layoffs, we lost our production manager, because upper management thinks that our jobs are so simple that we should be able to keep things organized on our own. no biggie for me and b, because we KNOW what we're doing. but c. (heh, funny that the 3 designers there have initials a, b, and c) - c. doesnt's tand up for herself, she is SO wanting to buttkiss that she nods and smiles to ANYTHING the client wants, even if its the most impractical thing int he world. last friday, she made a grave mistake that could have potentially pissed off one of the clients that's keeping us afloat. b. cautioned her on it, saying to watch what she's doing because she could get in massive trouble. c. didn't listen. she kept insisting what she was doing was right. b. finally got fed up and became stern with her - he didn't even raise his voice, - and told her what's up. she shut up immediately. 10 minutes later she left the room, went DIRECTLY to the HR manager and COMPLAINED. so now, b's in potentially hot water for givcing a shit about the project.

this is the crap i have to deal with. it amuses and frustrates me at the same time.

new promo from cop. band called reversal penetrations, its industrially yummy stuff. and german. lots and lots of german that makes me go all a fish called wanda all over the place. i'm quite digging this.

can i say that i really hate goth right now?

well, i just did.

been staring at AIM all day, waiting for n. to show up. no such luck. i assume he's hiding from me, l. i know, keeps telling me otherwise, but what can i say? i believe in communication. i'm also quite passive - i dont like to overbear, smother, or stalk (anymore. heh, i've learned) so i let the other person call the shots. that is, unless, its damaging to me. maybe i just like to be pursued, is that so wrooooooong?

and i am wondering, just wondering, why i keep booking shows even though i KNOW they're all gonna break me. i dont want to become a scene martyr.

oh oh oh! get this: i am INSECURE. i have been INDIRECTLY INFORMED of this. i knew this, though. tell me something new. sorry i want to keep my OWN identity, and i hold VERY seriously what i do for a living - all the stuff i've done, what i am today thanks to all my hard work. pardon me if i dont take kindly to potential coattail riders.

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