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game over, man.

wow, talk about major lag. crashed at a friends house last night, we stayed up till, like, i dunno- 7am? watching the never launched aniomated clerks series. only 6 episodes - damn that shit was funny.

so i dont wake up till around 4pm, being the rock star that i am, still decked out in my vinyl, last night's club makeup still smeared over my face. i guess i neeeded the sleep. of course, now i cant go back to sleep for shit, and i have to work tomorrow.

talked to r. about starting our lil business again today. we're going to register a domain tomorrow. wonder if this will really fly. i am SO trapped in my day job, its frightening.

no sign of n. today. in fact, i haven't seen n. in about a day and a half. i knew this was was going to happen. it always happens to me. ultimate life plan b inevitable.

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