March 3rd, 2010


accountability blog post is up

yanno, i decided to reduce my calorie intake and that was a big mistake. one thing i'm gonna write about this week is how much that affected my performance. even though it was only 100 cal decrease a day, i could feel myself just absolutely fucking up while working out and just functioning during the day. so, i am eating those calories again. the body's gonna be all "oh yay, food!" and i'll probably gain a pound or something this week, but i know i'll stabilize. i don't want to shoot my metabolism all to shit. actually, i should be eating more - and that's NOT with working out.

here is a good spreadsheet calculator that can help you figure out what you need to eat per day to achieve what you want - whether its fat loss, muscle gain, or whatever. if i want the fat to go, i need to make my body realize its getting enough so it doesn't have to store a lot for emergencies.