February 13th, 2010

me and d

oh, canada.

i haven't had the desire to watch the olympics in years. probably because i was a miserable old hag and now i am not. fridays around these parts are called stir fridays, and - i know this is pretty shocking - i usually make a stir fry. last night i made steak with a green curry sauce involving coconut milk and jalapeno, accompanied by a cabbage salad with a cilantro lime dressing and almonds. and i am totally writing this like i pulled this recipe out of my head, but i did not - it was a featured recipe on notakeout.com, which i highly recommend because their stuff is fantastic. then, for my carb load day opening ceremony, i made an apple and cranberry crumble using oat flour for the crust. it was very successful. that was my own recipe.

i am a big fan of light shows. see: getting kinda stoned and going to see laser rush/floyd/zeppelin in college. last night's opening ceremony was fantastic and just so very canada.

kd lang needs to wear a better fitting suit.

also, i just cannot believe that they're showing the footage of nodar kumaritashvili's accident. we were watching the news afterwards and they just showed it without any warning, it was like they were casually showing a video on the effects of catnop on kittens or something. i mean, the dude DIED right there. i know that i used to be pretty hardassed and since becoming a mom and aging that has eroded somewhat, but i am certainly not oversensitive. i am wondering when the empathy level of this world went straight into the shitter. it doesnt seem like it used to be this bad.

see also: why i dont go out much.

the knee has simmered down to a dull ache that at times is unbearable and saps all my energy. yesterday at work i was so drained i couldn't even form words. it got that bad. today seems better and i feel a bit more alert.

since today is carb load day, i am making pink heart shaped french toast, and later on i will be making whole wheat dark chocolate chip walnut cookies. the fact that the bag of ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips still remains untouched in the cupboard is a loud testament to my dedication of this next phase of body change. i am proud of myself for that.

tonight D is taking us out for sushi, and i got him a few things that are awesome. one is just so completely us and reflects what an awesome gooftacular couple we are. i can't say anymore because this will crosspost to my facebook.

enjoy your weekend and your VD.