February 7th, 2010


this trying week.

so i'm about a week in of wearing this damn brace. it is driving me nuts and i have to mentally slap myself to not get too crazy. the swelling, thankfully, has gone down a bit, but mobility is still fucked. i got into the car yesterday to get boog to his bowling league, tried to knock my boots together to get the extra snow off and HELLO PAIN.

wrangling preschoolers at said league was an effort in itself.

one thing that has really gotten me down has been the large number of people who have told me any of the following:

1. i injured myself while skiing, therefore i suck at skiing.
2. i injured myself while skiing, therefore i need to be told exactly how to do it right.
3. i am stupid because i dare to be vertical. i should be confined to my bed, packed in ice 24/7.

and a myriad of other things. i also tire of people all of a sudden becoming a medical professional and insist they know what you should and shouldn't do and they tell you as such. sry2say i am listening to my doctor, TYVM.

i might be a goofy person, but i tire of the insinuation that because of this i must not be very bright. so tired.

rant over.

i managed to piece together a few UB workouts that still involve the heavy stuff so i'm happy with that. UB strength is my weak point so i'm seeing this as a chance to remedy that. once i get the OK from the doc, i'm either getting a trainer for my bike [which is in and will sit tauntingly at the shop until i am able to get it fitted. sigh] or plunking down membership money for the indoor public pool at lakewood HS.

a few of us contestants are calling in for a chat this afternoon, and then i have to do my writeup for the blog. despite my injury, this week came with a couple of triumphs that i never thought would happen.

we got snow. i'd give my left leg to be on my XC skis right now. i wanted to take boog sledding today with the awesome sled he got from conner for christmas, but i don't think that will happen. instead we are going to put together a 3D skeleton puzzle.