February 1st, 2010


skiing, the long version

so i am still totally couch bound and its driving me nuts. well, i need coffee and to go pee and since i am upstairs and the coffee is downstairs, i've been having to go downstairs on occasion. of course, murphy's law states that you will trudge your way downstairs for something, get sidetracked and grab something else, go back upstairs, realize you forgot the first item and have to do the stairs again. i am not good with this.
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as for that accountability contest, i'm still doing it. if there's any time i need to be held accountable, its now. i can still work on upper body and minor, minor cardio, and i've got some other plans in place. rest assured i am not going to overdo it, remember i just plunked down $800 on a bike. i'd hate to see that go to waste.

also i'd like to thank my mad flexibility for being so accomodating on the putting on and the removal of clothing when there is nobody else to assist.