September 28th, 2005


batty is one of them evil christians.

boog and i went to church with mom on sunday. mom is funny, she only gets to see boog every couple of weeks or so, so i found myself telling her "hey mom? service is up front" several times. fr. brian gave him an official welcome at the service, and he got blessed at communion. also, several jokes about how we named boog after his dog.

this made me think a lot about my own faith and how i've been slacking on it all these years and right about now is probably a good time to start becoming more active about it. despite my slackiness, having a solid faith foundation is important to me and is something i would like to instill in boog. if it were up to me alone, he'd be baptized, but i'm not too sure jeremy's too keen on the idea - i was grateful and extremely touched that he took communion at our wedding. at some point, though, that's going to have to be seriously addressed.

i can't really afford to drive to oberlin every week so i'm probably going to check out the episcopal church by the mall. the priest there is friends with fr. brian, so i'm taking that as a good sign. yay, chick priests.

kittykat has taken to grooming boog's head. she's either accepting him into our herd here or she's telling me that i need to bathe him better.