September 9th, 2005


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jeremy left last night [*grumblespitmutter*] to port clinton for the last fishing weekend on his dad's boat. boog and i had the whole bed to ourselves, and for once i didn't have unclipped monkey toes [jeremy's, not boog's] clawing at my legs.

boog had his first restaurant experience when hlpnprn took us out to lunch at red lobster. i was very impressed, he did very well, and of course won over the staff and a few old ladies. little dude's a chick magnet. after this past weekend at my mom's, seeing all these parents who'd rather socialize and not, you know, parent, i'm becoming rather obsessed about paying attention to my child. there would be complete strangers children coming up on my mom's porch and running around while the oblivious parents chatted away on the sidewalk. rather ridiculous.

you can tell that i am in desperate need of getting out and having some time to myself because all i can write about is my kid.


i thought this was cool.

from cynica:

List at least 3 major scars you have and a statement about how you got them.

1. huge gouge on my left shin, due to giving the chicky from slick idiot a piggyback ride while drunk and in my platform boots. that took weeks to heal.

2. deep scratch on my lower lip, right side: this was from my first cat ever, PC, who was at the vet for an extended period of time, and when she came home i ran and scooped her up. she wasn't pleased, so she tried to push away and clawed the crap out of me in the process. i think i was about 5 or 6.

3. The boog scar: obviously where boog came out, right above my pubeys. this was my only major surgery to date.