July 19th, 2005


more eggs and deep seeded fears

jeremy thinks i'm a total whackjob for liking eggs with ketchup on them. its not so much 'like' as it is that i just cannot eat eggs without ketchup. he made me eggs the other morning with garlic, onion, crazy janes, and cheese. i told him to get me the ketchup. "JUST TRY IT WITHOUT KETCHUP!" he said. while jeremy makes fabulous eggs, no amount of "JUST TRY IT!" will make me eat eggs without ketchup.

big storms coming through right now. recall that the power goes out here quite easily. have i mentioned that i am irrationally afraid of the dark? well, i just did. i have the mag lite within arms reach just in case i am forced to grab the boog and flee screaming down 6 flights of stairs to find some light. the power is out at the lanes, 2nd time this week. jeremy is stuck there until its back on. he will also be stuck in the dark if the backup generators give out before the power comes back on.

must be a food source in 3 hours.