July 8th, 2005



well, that was keen.

what was originally an overnight visit to dad's trailer in port clinton for the 4th turned into an extended vacation until last night. thus the random pictures from my cell phone. no going on the boat, though - boog is still too young for it. i guess i needed it, although in my head vacations don't really work - when i'm on one, i don't relax, i end up obsessing over how many days are left and then when i get home the stress levels just rise back up and its like i never left. such is life, i guess.

i mock jeremy not knowing the difference between sheephead and bass.

boog got to finally look at the lake, he was mesmerized.

if i ever see another mayfly again, it will be too soon.

jeremy got me a pocket 20 questions game and it really is addictive. what amuses me most is that if you just randomly mash buttons during the 20 questions, it'll guess that you are thinking of 'everything'. such a witty little machine it is.

back to stress.

here are some boog noises.