May 27th, 2005


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my mom becomes my hero more and more every day. i'm not sure what i'd do without her - and to think she did this all by herself with *2* little ones and working full time. at this point, i can't even mustrer the strength to change a damn diaper at 3am.

she got us flowers for the balcony:

hopefully i do not kill them.

and just because you need another boog picture, who is 3 weeks old today:

apparently jeremy didn't like the sucky.
you can't see it, but boog's sporting his guns n' roses onesie that pseudogod got for him, it is very rad.

about 3:30 this morning a drunk driver careened down our road and slammed into one of the trees in front of our building. nobody was hurt, but i'm sure the guy is in a crapload of trouble now. that was my early morning amusement.