May 9th, 2005



hooray, now i can type NAK and be all cool like the other moms. gotta make this short as we just got in about 45 mins ago and victor has already crapped his pants 3 times.

so, yeah. ended up having a c section because turdlet's heart rate was dropping pretty bad. what freaked me out was the catheter and the epidural preventing me from moving - i'm extremely claustrophobic.

our little turdlet is wonderful and very well behaved. i know this will change but i'll take it for now.

have some pix:
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had a very good experience overall, maybe i will type it later, its hard to type with one hand. i am very sore and on painkillers and still look about 3 months preggo. that will go away eventually. jeremy has the week off and my mom is staying a week to help, that will help a lot because i can't do anything until i'm healed.

everything seems surreal right now, gotta take time and get used to everything. but i am proud of my little guy, he truly is amazing.