December 31st, 2001


a 2001 story, by batty.

i'm not entirely sure what to say about 2001. its certainly been....dynamic.

this year started out with me homeless, jobless, and dumped by a fiancee. that seems so many lifetimes ago.

landed the job, landed the apartment., i guess the rest is history. 2001, actually, can suck the sweat off my nuts.

however, despite my own personal drama, i think the best part was all the new friends i have acquired - and strengthening the existing relationships i had. i dont think i could ask for a better group of friends - you all are like family to me, and i am eternally grateful for your presence.

your spots in my life will never go overlooked, taken for granted, or unappreciated.

and my seestor and my mom, despite our knack for being at each others throats a lot, i couldnt possibly have a better, more loving, supportive family.

2k+2? gonna be the year of definite change. i swear to god i'm going to start taking advantage of that stupid clubhouse i'm paying for on a regular basis. to take control, to kick ass and take names. to be the best manager for chew's eye shop ever. to find that happiness that's craftfully been escaping me as of late. to fall in love. and honestly, earnestly this time. to rise above the bullshit and show that i'm the best person ever. but, you allready know that. heh.

to do *something*. to be me and not allow anyone to touch that, not like they could possibly, anyway.

here's to infinitely better shit in 2002.

hopefully i will see most of you partying around this evening.
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last post for 2001!

you couldn't possibly expect me to NOT try to put as much fake hair on my head as possible this evening.

everyone have fun tonight, everybody wang chung tonight. kiss your friends, kiss your enemies, but dont let your balls drop.

and let this be the best night of not remembering.

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