December 25th, 2001



and tHR and i make out A LOT.

i am glad i am part of her entertainment.

SCARY parma wage workers with enormous beer guts hit on me. lemme tell you, i am so done with the gut. geezus, i bit him and he gets turned on by it? so i start hitting him instead.

he wants me to go BOWLING. tells me if i bowl over 225 i win his heart forever. HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAH oh man.

silly, silly, parma people. i am so glad i am not brainwashed.

YAY halllie for hangin with me tonight. i hope i amused you enough to make your evening. THANK YOU evilshell, avatar_x, georgeanne, theswede...uh, is that it? THANK you for joining us in our silly escapades to the bar that is entirely unfriendly. damn bartendress. i think she's mad cuz she wasnt the only one with leopard print on.

i got roses! silly, silly parma wage worker who thinks he can win my heart. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

god damn. i should be getting better than this!!

tHR has a wee tongue but its GOOD AS GOLD. pix to come later. waaaaaahahahahahaaahaahhhaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


and now, to sleep on my couch, to NOT cuddle with anyone i dont want to, although it would be really grand to do so, it AINT gonna happen. hoooooooowah.
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holilday cheer?

so i'm watching maury - uh, i dont know why. probably i'm too lazy to change the channel. that and channel 8 comes in the best.

they're doing a 9-11 thing - having families of people who were lost in the wtc bombings on, showering them with corporate sponsored toys r us shopping sprees, giant barbie collections.....TACO BELL MEALS FOR A YEAR? ha ha ha.

i'm thinking, "gee, what a materialistic way to fill in holes."

i mean, what else can you do? sure, when you're 6, sometimes getting that playstation you've always wanted might help you out. i guess there's nothing else to be done, except "congratulations! here's a lifetime's supply of grief counseling!"

i dunno. it just got me thinking.


speaking of materialism, here's what i received from the fam for christmas:

  • BAKEWARE. 2 non stick cookie sheets, a new frying pan, one square baking pan and one round baking pan. i'm the master cook.

  • this is beautiful. its a business card holder handmade and signed by some artist whose name i cant decipher from the signature. my mom gave this to me. she knows me all too well.
  • BOOZE. a wee bottle of chardonnay, a bottle shaped chocolate with whiskey in it. its too cute, i dont htink i can eat it.
  • FLOSS. mom gives me glide™ brand floss in my stocking every year. "its the cadillac of floss!" she says.
  • new silverware from my sister! i am no longer in need of spoons. sis and frank rule - she made sure i could find more sets online.
  • ROBOKITTY. you know what it is, you've seen em in the toy stores. she purrs when you pet her, i kid you not. i also taught her how to attack. thanks to frank and sis again.
  • mom made a gift bag for the cats - an industrial sized tub of cosmic catnip and 3 cans of fancy feast turkey cat food. the gift tag read "to kittykat, rozz, and my buddy cray, love, grandma" too amusing.

meg and frank got each other the remote control battle bot thingies. they say its going to be good relationship therapy. baahaha.

good, good christmas this year.

i hope everyone's was just as good.
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oh oh oh.

sunday, thedarksiren gives me a present. shel silverstein's the missing piece meets the big O. i love shel's books. a childlike approach to very grown up situations.

and it inspires me - to tears. i get misty in the capsule. dawndawn, thank you. your generosity and kindness is beyond words.
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