December 11th, 2001



THE ALBUM finally has a release date! february. i'm stoked.

there's an articles about it in shift magazine, apparently, i know cow-orker brian has a copy of it, and they state that its a collection of works from the best designers in the world.


now, to wait. ooh ooh oooh.
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dream log.

so, they're doing a 2 month anniversary thingy at ground zero this morning - having a jazz musician play the star spangled banner. he, of course, does it all jazzy. its comedic to me, using his wah mute amongst the stoic faces in the rubble.

and it reminds me faintly of my dream last night, all too ironic, i think (maybe i predicted the future in my sleep) - i faintly recall having to play my trumet in my dreams. it was old and tarnished, not the shiny silver baby it used to be. i think i had to play taps or something (easy enough, its all the first and 3rd valve) and i couldnt play it too well because my lip is shot. (its been years since i've actually played, and while my knowledge remains, the lip would have to be retrained.)

and i am reminded that i used to be able to hit a G above the scale. i was a dynamo, really.
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the art kids house.

sitting on the roof in the middle of the night. it was difficult to get up there, as the access door was in the ceiling. he pushed me up, though, because he was tall.

looking down on everyone - but not really because its a dead end street - the sirens screaming in the distance, the faint hum of the university.

we talk about dreams, stories. i'm lying on my stomach, my head perched over the edge. i'm allright as long as i dont stand up.

i get the balls and say "so, am i your girlfriend?" he kind of chokes and says, "i would like that a lot"

that was a memorable summer.


PepperMcGowan: not that i have some kind of flawless ivory ass myself but at least i'm not SENDING IT TO PEOPLE all smooshed on my scanner

i am a lazyass.

took another day off of work today. i'm not slacking - i'm just breaking into things slowly.

so, instead, i just slept all afternoon on the couch in my bathrobe. that was good.

i should clean this hell hole, but i cant! it taunts me.

this relaxing thing is really helping a lot. now i just need to find a good, steapping young man who looks good in leather pants to scrub my back. huzzzzah!
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