December 10th, 2001


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fuck you and everything your stupid henry miller life is. you are but a mere character, told only to feel what is written.

me - i feel deep. i am real. i am unique in that aspect.

i'm good, i'm damn good. i am fucking proud of myself.

i have blue tainted fingernails.

i want to kick you in the nuts. all of you.

ok maybe not all.

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wow. i didnt think i was capable of being this angry at this point, but you know - i am. i'm being made out to be a liar. a naive little girl who should have seen things right in the first place. this isnt right, not right at all.

yeah great. thanks.

i am the party monster.

(not to be confused with carriemonster, but then, that's the same thing anyway ;) )

CAPSULE. ruled. and YES, i DID have fun last night. i agree with android23's assessment that they need no gravity in the place. i put in an application! i have space hair! i could work there. i'd paint my skin green and make dresses out of tin foil and wear my hologram boots (alas, STILL IN MY TRUNK) EVERY NIGHT if i could work there. i must! its a necessity now.

thank you, people, for another fun evening. i am selfish for not posting this last night. bad, bad batty.

and tHR - i hope you enjoy your wee braids. let me know if you want more.


you fökkers. REMEMBER, when you send me a text message to my cellpphone via my lj? (geekgeekgeekgeek) - it doesnt sign your name for you. you have to do it yourself!

not like the majority of htem i dont know where they're coming from *cough*umpqua*cough*, but i've had a couple that i'm like, "uh, WHO IS THIS?"

that is all. carry on. long live r23.

survey survey survey.

i was going to get all girly again and post a pic of the current state of my hair, but for some reason i cant ftp into my domain right now. i think its a sign, the pic i took has the evil sun blasting through my patio door and you cant really see any detail. i'll try to get a more faboo pic later.

until then, a survey:

MY HAIR: is mostly fake (heh, nyte, i gotta keep this one, too.
MY MAKEUP: is blue
MY DREAM: was not there. or i was too drunk to remember.
MY OBSESSION: hair. boots. tattoos.
I'M WEARING: black turtleneck, the only pants i own, black vinyl jacket.
I'M EATING: nothing, because i'm too full thanks to tHR
I'M DRINKING: mountain dew
I'M LISTENING TO: the sound of my cell going off as everyone and their mom send me messages through my lj
I'M FEELING: peace. self-centeredness deserved.
I'M THINKING: that i need to clean this mess of an apartment.
I SEE: *00ntz*
I FIND: new things to be positive about
I WANT: a new tattoo
I HAVE: a lot of good friends
I WISH: my ass to be its own celebrity.
I LOVE: openly
I HATE: broccoli.
I MISS: the good old days.
I FEAR: nothing.
I SMELL: damn good
I WONDER: what a ferret dreams about
I REGRET: certain choices i've made. but it makes me me.

i'm feeling amazingly self centered today. so if i dont pay attnetion to you, dont be offended - i need to give myself some attention. thank you tHR for today's sammiches and hair shopping. and aggressive eye batting that we end up doing simultaneously.


a moment of geek zen:

JesusBuiltMyPC: no wait
JesusBuiltMyPC: rm -rf distance/*
JesusBuiltMyPC: yes, I am turning our issues into Unix commands
JesusBuiltMyPC: cp batty>rip

one of the most adorable things anyone has ever said to me. dawwh.


ok, the sun has sufficiently ran away, and i can now tryt his:

eh, a BIT better. this is the best i can get with a cheapass webcam.

i'm very happy with what my hair looks like now. its been a while since i was REALLY happy with it.

its ALL BLUE, i swear! well, the fakey bits are the blue and black mix, braided into the black microbraids i had before. i bleached out the bangs and sides and they're now blue, too. cept i didnt cover my bangs evenly with the dye, as you can see, i have splotches.

i love fake hair.
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old sk00l.

trying to find the old meatstick of doom faq on (thanks for the help, thebobber) - i find my old site from, uh, many, many years ago. the archive is lacking some images, but i found this gem:

thats me, in my college apartment in cincy, for you locals down there i lived on vaughn off of university. circa 1996, i believe.

that was the original temple of apathy.

roaches as big as your head.


Poll #12706 re: new years

new years dilemma:

be a rock star and DJ in orlando as offered.
spend NYE in CT/NYC with a geek.
stay here and party with you freaks, fondle droid's cock as soon as the ball drops
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survey results:

my tori song is:


because i'd rather fuck myself with a chainsaw (no lube) than listen to any of her albums.

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..when someone changes their screen name capitalization sO iT lOOKS lIKE yOURS.

that's geekdom.

its the small things i notice.
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