November 14th, 2001


hoo wow.

i just spent the entire evening yesterday thinking it was wednesday.

pass the ginkgo, please.

wow. i'm losin it.
(added later. dont feell ike making 821638614 entries today)

happy bday to monet.

the google people are with it, i tell ya. obviously they have some aware employees.

although, i dont like monet. mostly because half the sorrority chix i knew in college would have monet prints in their dorm rooms, and i would say about 70% of them DIDNT KNOW WHO THE HELL MADE EM. its like they put his work up on their walls, because that's what you're supposed to do when you're a girly girl. question nothing. obey. consume.

give me klimt or mucha anyday.

especially mucha.

r&dom quotes

sweaty bun lady: WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?

me: i dont understand the need to be social with cow-orkers at lunch.
cow-orker brian: i dont understand the need to be social with cow-orkers.

boss: isnt gene simmons mad that you stole his boots?


remembering a night last week being silly in bed with the boi and i miss him.


& the counter-meme!

girlie things!

this is about as good as you're gonna get - experience me in person, i'm much better!

so, there you have it. it will look kickass with electric blue. kept my blue roots in the bangs cuz it looks damn cool, and well, blue is my color, dammit.

on bois: i was very, very sad because i hadnt talked to my man in a few days. well, the contact was brief - but i dont htink he knew that i am an attention whore, and i get sad and lonely with lack of contact. correction: HIS contact. i live for that, i will admit. its my sunshine.

so he noticed! he noticed i didnt call him like i usually do [the lovesick puppydog that i am] tonight when i leave work. its good to be missed and not taken for granted. he called tonight, wondering where i was. awwh.

the last two days: being strong, convincing myself that there was nothing wrong, although when silence occurs its hard to not go on a tangent. he just didnt remember. and that's ok.

so he took me for steak tonight. that's my baby. and even though he had to go because he wasnt feeling so good, i was just happy that i got to spend some time with him.

i live for that, i do.

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